Discover the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier at JEGS High Performance. This 18 cubic feet rack will securely carry your car storage with its 4-corner locking system.

2023 Ultimate Guide to JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carriers!

As an avid traveler, I’ve always been on the lookout for a reliable and spacious rooftop cargo carrier. That’s when I discovered the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier.

With its sleek design and impressive capacity, this carrier is a game-changer for my adventures.

Whether I’m road-tripping or camping, I can now bring along all my gear without sacrificing valuable space inside the vehicle.

Say good  bye to cramped quarters and hello to hassle-free travel with the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier.

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JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier

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JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier Overview

I really love my JEGS rooftop cargo carrier because it provides ample storage space and keeps my gear secure during trips. Whether I’m going on a weekend camping adventure or a cross-country road trip, this cargo carrier has proven to be reliable and efficient.

The high-capacity interior dimensions allow me to pack all of my essentials without any hassle. The aerodynamic design not only ensures fuel efficiency but also minimizes wind noise during the drive. What I appreciate the most is the waterproof storage feature, which keeps my belongings dry even during heavy rain. Loading and unloading is a breeze, thanks to the easy access from either side. Plus, the no-tools-required assembly and installation make it quick and hassle-free.

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Factors to consider when buying JEGS rooftop cargo carrier

When considering buying a JEGS rooftop cargo carrier, it’s important to take into account the weight and size restrictions for your specific vehicle and storage needs. Here are some factors to consider before making your purchase:

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure that the rooftop cargo carrier is compatible with your vehicle’s roof rack system. Check the weight capacity and dimensions to make sure they align with your vehicle’s specifications.

  • Storage Capacity: Determine how much extra storage space you require. Consider the volume and weight of the items you plan to transport to ensure they fit within the JEGS cargo box carrier’s capacity limits.

  • Durability and Weather Resistance: Look for cargo carriers made from durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions. This will ensure the safety and protection of your belongings during transportation.

  • Installation and Removal: Consider how easy it’s to install and remove the rooftop cargo carrier. Look for carriers that come with user-friendly mounting systems for convenient usage.

  • Security Features: Look for cargo carriers that offer additional security features like locks or tie-down straps to keep your belongings safe and secure during transit.

Considering these factors will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a JEGS rooftop cargo carrier.

JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier: Frequently Asked Questions

JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier

How Much Weight Can the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier Hold?

I can’t believe how much weight the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier can hold! It’s incredible! It can handle a whopping amount of weight, making it perfect for all your hauling needs.

Is the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier Waterproof?

Yes, the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier is waterproof. I’ve used it on several trips and my belongings stayed dry even during heavy rain. It’s a reliable option for protecting your cargo.

Can the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier Be Used on Any Type of Vehicle?

Certainly! The Jegs rooftop cargo carrier can be used on any type of vehicle. It’s versatile and easy to install. It provides ample storage space and ensures a safe journey, no matter what kind of vehicle you have.

Does the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier Require Any Special Tools or Equipment for Installation?

No, the JEGS rooftop cargo carrier does not require any special tools or equipment for installation. It is designed to be easily installed and secured onto any type of vehicle.

Can the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier Be Easily Removed and Stored When Not in Use?

Yes, the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier can be easily removed and stored when not in use. I love how convenient it is to take it off my car and store it away.

Are Rooftop Cargo Carriers Worth It?

Absolutely! Rooftop cargo carriers are a high-quality solution for those looking to increase the storage capacity of their vehicles. They are a perfect accessory for road trips, camping, or when you simply need extra space for luggage. One of the key advantages of a rooftop cargo carrier is that it allows you to transport items without sacrificing interior comfort and passenger space. However, remember to keep within the speed limit, typically below 90 mph, to ensure the safety of your load.

What is the Difference Between Rooftop and Hitch Cargo Carriers?

Rooftop and hitch cargo carriers both serve the same purpose – providing extra storage space. However, their position differs. A rooftop cargo carrier, as the name suggests, is mounted on the roof of the vehicle. It’s a great solution if you want to maintain the use of your vehicle’s rear door or trunk.

On the other hand, a hitch cargo carrier is attached at the rear of the vehicle in an open position, using the hitch receiver. This type of carrier is ideal for heavy items as it doesn’t require lifting the load high off the ground. But it may limit access to the vehicle’s trunk or rear door.

What Should I Look For in a Cargo Carrier?

When shopping for a cargo carrier, consider the following:

  1. Size: Ensure the cargo carrier is the right size for your vehicle and storage needs.

  2. Weight Capacity: Check the weight limit of the cargo carrier. Also, remember the weight of the carrier itself counts towards the total permissible roof load of your vehicle.

  3. Mounting Hardware: Look for a carrier that comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. This ensures it can be securely attached to your vehicle.

  4. Locking System: A cargo carrier with a secure locking system, like a 4-corner locking system, is ideal to keep your items safe.

  5. Waterproofing: If you plan to travel in all weather conditions, a waterproof cargo carrier or a waterproof bag to cover the carrier is a good investment.

Where Can You Find JEGS Cargo Carrier?

JEGS High Performance offers a range of top-quality cargo carriers. You can find these products online, directly from the JEGS factory shop; related sellers or on Amazon. Each JEGS cargo carrier comes with easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary mounting hardware. There’s no need to drill or modify your vehicle in any way, making installation a 2-3 step problem-free process.

Before purchasing, be sure to check the product descriptions and reviews to ensure the carrier fits your specific vehicle model and meets your travel needs. Happy shopping and safe travels!

Does JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier need Roof Rack Cross Bar?

Most JEGS-brand rooftop cargo carriers are designed to attach directly to the roof of your vehicle without the need for separate roof rack cross bars. However, cross bars may still be beneficial in some cases:

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Not all vehicles have roof styles/materials that are compatible with roof rack mounts that clamp directly onto the roof. Cross bars can help in these cases by providing a solid base for attachment.

  • Increased Load Capacity: Cross bars help distribute the weight load of the cargo carrier more evenly across the roof. This may allow hauling heavier items safely.

  • Aerodynamics: Cross bars create clearance between the carrier and roof, reducing wind noise and drag compared to clamping directly onto the roof surface.

  • Crossbar Mounted Accessories: Some roof rack accessories like bike racks are intended to mount to cross bars rather than the roof itself.

  • Removable System: Crossbars allow easier installation/removal of the cargo basket as needed, versus permanent roof attachment points.

So in summary – while many JEGS carriers can install directly without cross bars, they may still provide benefits depending on your vehicle, intended cargo loads, and possible addition of other roof rack equipment. The carrier instructions will specify if cross bars are required or not.

Please click here to download the instructions PDF file

Final Thoughts

After considering all the factors, I can confidently say that the JEGS rooftop cargo carrier is a worthy investment. Its sturdy construction, spacious capacity, and easy installation make it the perfect companion for any road trip or adventure.

With this cargo carrier, you can effortlessly transport all your belongings, creating more space and freedom inside your vehicle. Say goodbye to cramped car rides and hello to a stress-free journey with the JEGS rooftop cargo carrier.

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