If you're looking for a way to increase your vehicle's storage capacity, a roof cargo basket is a great option. Learn about the benefits of roof cargo baskets and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Top 10 Must-Have Roof Cargo Baskets for Your Adventure!

If you’re looking for a way to take your camping gear, beach gear, or even your grocery shopping to the next level, then you need a roof cargo basket. Trust us, once you’ve experienced the benefits of roof cargo baskets, you’ll never go back to your old ways. Not only will you be able to haul more stuff with ease, but you’ll also be able to keep everything better organized. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to have his or her equipment, camping gear, luggage, and more organized?.

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The many Benefits of Roof Cargo Baskets

If you’re looking for a way to increase your vehicle’s storage capacity, a roof cargo basket is a great option. Roof cargo baskets are designed to attach to the roof of your vehicle, providing you with an extra storage area for sports equipment, camping gear, luggage, and more.

There are many benefits of roof cargo baskets, including:

  • Increased Storage Capacity:

Roof cargo baskets provide you with an extra storage area for your vehicle, allowing you to free up space inside your vehicle for passengers and other items.

  • Protection from the Elements:

When items are stored in a roof cargo basket, they are protected from the elements, such as rain, snow, and dirt. This is ideal for items that should not get wet or dirty, such as camping gear or sports equipment.

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: 

When your vehicle is well-organized and not crowded with belongings, it can actually improve your fuel efficiency. This is because your car will be less weighed down and therefore use less fuel.

  • Greater peace of mind: 

When items are securely stored in a roof cargo basket, you can have greater peace of mind knowing that they are unlikely to fall out or become damaged while you are driving.

How Roof Cargo Baskets can save you money

A roof cargo basket can save you money in a number of ways. 

Firstly, it can help you avoid having to pay for storage space. If you have a large vehicle, you may find that you need to rent a storage unit to keep all of your belongings in. However, if you have a roof cargo basket, you can simply store your belongings in the basket and save yourself the cost of renting a storage unit.

Secondly, a roof cargo basket can help you save money on fuel costs. If you have a lot of gear to transport, it can be very costly to do so. However, if you have a roof cargo basket, you can pack all of your gear into the basket and transport it more easily and efficiently. This will help you to save money on fuel costs.

Thirdly, a roof cargo basket can help you save money on car insurance premiums. If you have a lot of gear to transport, your car insurance premiums will be higher than if you only had a few items to transport. However, if you have a roof cargo basket, your car insurance premiums will be lower because the basket will act as an extra layer of protection for your belongings.

Fourthly, a roof cargo basket can help you avoid traffic fines. If you are caught transporting illegal or dangerous items in your vehicle, you could be subject to fines and penalties. However, if you have a roof cargo basket, you can avoid these fines and penalties by keeping your belongings in the basket instead of in your vehicle.

Overall, a roof cargo basket can save you money in many different ways. If you are looking for ways to save money on your car expenses, consider purchasing a roof cargo basket.

Roof Cargo Baskets: Comparison

Yakima LoadWarrior

Our ratings


MaxxHaul Steel Roof Rack

Our ratings


Rhino-Rack XTray Roof Cargo Basket

Our ratings


Tyger Auto Super Duty Roof Cargo Basket

Our ratings


Reese Explore Rooftop Cargo Basket

Our ratings


XCAR Roof Rack Carrier Basket

Our ratings


CURT Universal Steel Roof Rack

Our ratings


ARKSEN Universal Roof Rack Cargo

Our ratings


Leader Accessories Roof Rack Cargo Basket

Our ratings


Ecotric Roof Rack Cargo Carrier

Our ratings


7BLACKSMITHS Roof Cargo Basket

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Roof Cargo Baskets Reviews

1. Yakima LoadWarrior Rooftop Cargo Basket

The Yakima LoadWarrior, which works with many different types of crossbars, ensures that you’ll be ready for any adventure. In addition, it works with the vast majority of Yakima accessory mounts. This rack, constructed of sturdy steel, can hold as much weight as your exercise machine’s crossbars can support. Considering the limited lifetime guarantee, the LoadWarrior is the best option for your next trip.

The carrier’s 44 by 39 by 6.5 inch dimensions mean it can stow a lot of weight. A minimum of 24 inches and a maximum of 32 inches must be allowed for the space between the crossbars. Want some more space? If you install the LoadWarrior Extension, you’ll have access to an extra 18 inches of storage room.

Yakima estimates that setting up your new rack will take you around half an hour. Crossbars seen on many different kinds of vehicles may be attached to universal mounts.

Baggage, spare tires, skis, and kayaks may all be carried with the help of this roof rack. If you want to carry a hybrid bike, surfboards, or rooftop tents, the Yakima SkinnyWarrior is a great option. Due to the reduced need for roof space, a low profile can carry more weight. In cases where you’ll be traveling with a large group or a lot of luggage, the MegaWarrior may be your best choice. For bigger SUVs and trucks, Yakima offers this sturdy roof rack that can handle off-road adventures.

Seeking more safety for your equipment? The need for a cargo pod may arise.

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2. MaxxHaul Steel Roof Rack

MaxxHaul’s 70115 Roof Rack fits most cars with stock crossbars. It fits most SUVs, crossovers, and sedans (46″ x 36″ x 4.5″). The company says it works on stock and aftermarket crossbars from.60 to 1.5 inches thick.

Easy assembly and mounting hardware are supplied. A universal U-bolt mounting method speeds up the procedure.

Up to 150 pounds of evenly distributed weight may be carried, such as a big cargo bag or family luggage. 100% steel frame secures baggage while driving.

Powder-coated to withstand corrosion, like its hitch-mounted cargo container. Rubber gaskets prevent interior corrosion. These precautions may not be enough. Black Rust-Oleum is used to prevent rust.

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3. Rhino-Rack XTray Roof Cargo Basket

Rhino-Rack XTray Roof Cargo Basket features a 165-pound load rating. Most cargo baskets only hold 150 pounds. Need crossbars. XTray works with Rhino-Rack Vortex, Euro, Thule, Yakima, and Rola Sport.

Rhino-distinctive The rack’s rails are functional. High rails defend against rocky, curving roads. They’re great for off-roading and carrying camping gear and weekend bags.

Steel roof basket for your next excursion. The black powder coating protects against the elements, so you can travel when it’s cloudy. It’s rust-resistant but not rustproof.

Wind deflectors protect cargo and improve fuel economy. It has a quick on/off mechanism.

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4. Tyger Auto Super Duty Roof Cargo Basket

The Tyger Auto Super Duty Roof Cargo Basket, available in two sizes, is a reliable option for your car or SUV. At 67.6 inches in length, 41.4 inches in width, and 8.42 inches in height, it is much bigger than its contemporaries. The frame may be extended with an extra section in the middle, making it possible to bring even more stuff on vacation.

A maximum of 150 pounds of luggage or goods may be safely transported on the sturdy 1.5-inch steel tube frames. Not included is a cargo net, but there are plenty of places to secure your own.

The basket’s E-coating is both rust-proof and stylish. However, it is not completely rust-proof; therefore, Tyger recommends taking it off before using an automated vehicle wash.

The steel wind fairing may not be very large, but it does help shield travelers from dust and wind. Aerodynamic improvements lead to lower fuel costs for transport.

It’s simple to put together the three parts that make up this product. The hardware for installation is supplied.

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5. Reese Explore Rooftop Cargo Basket

The Reese 1391300 Explore is a good option if you don’t require a huge roof basket. 38″L x 33″W of cargo space is available. 125 lbs.

Reese cargo carriers fit most automobiles, SUVs, and trucks’ crossbars. U-bolts facilitate installation.

This easy-to-install rack comes with a screwdriver. You may connect a bungee cargo net or rooftop cargo bag to the basket.

This 18.4-by-37.9-by-9.2-inch basket may hold baggage, cargo bags, and outdoor gear. An tilted front cover makes the basket more efficient and prevents road dust. Black powder coating prevents scratching.

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6. XCAR Roof Rack Carrier Basket

The XCAR Roof Rack has been designed for simple attachment to the crossbars of most hatchbacks, station wagons, and SUVs. You may attach the rack to crossbars that are 1.35 inches wide and 4.6 inches in length. Round bars with a maximum diameter of 1.35 inches can also be used. The four standard U-bolts make set up a breeze.

The dimensions are 64 inches in length, 39 inches in width, and 6 feet in height, providing ample room for all of your travel bags, tents, and other camping necessities. There are a number of variants of this rack available if you want a bag, ratchet straps, or any other accessories.

The sturdy steel construction is capable of supporting up to 150 pounds. Having a wind deflector up front keeps your goods safe. The fuel efficiency gained from its aerodynamic design is well worth the price.

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7. CURT Universal Steel Roof Rack

The CURT 18115 roof rack extends to carry bulky objects. This CURT addition adds 11 square feet of storage. You’ll have additional room for bags like the CURT 18221 Extended Roof Rack Cargo Bag. Installation requires no hardware. Both items fit most roof rack rails.

The easy-to-assemble CURT carrier is sold in two sections. High-strength tubular steel holds gear and bags. Many users rely on crossbars or mounting constraints instead of a conventional weight rating. This rack has carried 200 pounds.

Carbide black powder coat protects against rain or shine. The coat resists corrosion and scratches.

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8. ARKSEN Universal Roof Rack Cargo

ARKSEN Universal Black Roof Rack Cargo increases cargo space. The expanded version adds 23 inches of storage space. Both versions suit most automobiles’ crossbars and straight bars.

ARKSEN’s steel wind fairing is reliable. Strong metal bars on the bottom support up to 150 pounds of stuff. With or without the extension, four U-bolts speed installation.

This steel roof rack resists corrosion but rusts. Spraying screws prevents rust stains.

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9. Leader Accessories Roof Rack Cargo Basket

The Leader Accessories Roof Rack has universal fitment and may be safely attached to the crossbars of almost any vehicle. If the distance between crossbars is more than 29.7 inches, you will need to utilize the extender that is provided. The rack is compatible with crossbars that are smaller than 4.6 inches broad and 1.375 inches thick, and it comes with four universal U-bolts. It may also be used on circular bars with a diameter of up to 1.375 inches.

This bag holder is made from strong alloy steel to last for a long time. Wind noise and drag are both reduced with a steel wind fairing, although they will still be present at motorway speeds. There’s a limit of 150 pounds per person. This multifunctional roof rack has enough of room for your SUP and luggage boxes.

Cargo bags, tie-down straps, cargo nets, and other attachments are available as separate models if you want more than just a roof rack. For use in every climate, there are waterproof duffle bags available. The black powder coating on the rack protects it against rust and scratches. If you want the screw connections to last, though, you need spray sealant on them.

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10. Ecotric Roof Rack Cargo Carrier

Ecotric makes more than just attractive e-bikes. This steel baggage basket is heavy-duty.

This roof cargo carrier can hold 250 pounds, compared to 150 for most. Stability is provided by metal bottom bars and high side rails. Steel wind shields protect luggage from wind, filth, and grime.

This device comes with four universal U-bolts to ease installation. It’s 43x39x6 feet. Use the carrier with 4-3/4″ square and 1-7/8″ thick circular crossbars.

This Ecotric product has no expansion, yet it’s large enough for camping gear. The manufacturer recommends adding silicone sealant to welds and joints during assembly to prevent corrosion.

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11. 7BLACKSMITHS Roof Cargo Basket

The low-priced 7BLACKSMITHS roof rack can hold up to 250 pounds of baggage, cargo bags, camping equipment, and more. It comes with U-bolts for easy mounting and works with most standard crossbars. This item is suitable for most cars, SUVs, and trucks equipped with aero, factory, square, or round crossbars. It ought to be able to fit in there, provided you have the right crossbars.

The metal bars and sturdy side rails of this product provide maximum security. Using the available tie-downs, you may further strengthen the load’s stability. The necessary U-bolts for assembly are provided.

This carrier can still rust even if it has been powder coated. When assembling, you may prevent rust by sealing the joints and welds with silicone.

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roof cargo baskets

Roof Cargo Baskets: Buying Tips

When choosing the best roof cargo baskets, consider various criteria. Here are some factors to consider while choosing your optimal setup:

1. Mounting:

Installing the cargo basket’s hardware. Front, rear, and rooftop mounting are common. Consider how long it takes to install the arrangement on your car’s roof. Easy installation means you can attach or detach the basket in minutes, saving you time.

2. Weight Capacity:

The freight carrier’s weight limit. Most cargo baskets can hold 150lbs. More weight capacity means more baggage.

3. Protrusion:

Any sticking-out part. Rust protrudes from the metal contour of the rooftop freight basket. The better the hardware’s substance, the less chance of corrosion.

4. Windshield:

How successfully a building deflects wind and rain is called wind fairing. Best rooftop freight containers decrease noise. A roof load basket with the right wind fairing construction guarantees calm journeys with minimal aerodynamic modification.

5. Rust Resistance:

Metal rooftop freight baskets resist rust. A metal profile can prevent corrosion and rusting. A rust-resistant rooftop freight carrier will last longer.

6. Dimensions:

Cargo basket sizes vary per vehicle. Your load basket should fit your car’s rooftop. Your setup’s dimensions also affect the fitting’s depth and the cargo’s size. A cargo basket with a cargo box’s depth may fit heavier baggage.

7. Price:

Like any other purchase, you’ll need to consider the roof cargo basket’s price. Consider choices with good warranties. Whatever the situation, make a great investment that will last.

Roof Cargo Baskets: Final Thoughts

Any of the above roof-mounted storage options is highly recommended. Some are more affordable, while others provide sophisticated extras. Whatever you need to store on your roof, you can find it in one of these rooftop cargo baskets. Don’t rush into a decision; instead, compare the many options carefully so that you can pick the best one for your needs.

In the long run, you’ll be glad you invested in a high-quality roof cargo basket. By purchasing one of these baskets, you may simplify your life on long car rides and at the campground. Because of your newfound knowledge of the greatest choices, making a purchase will be easy.

Read our review on the comparism of roof basket vs cargo box.

Roof Cargo Baskets: FAQs

Q. Are Roof Cargo Baskets Worth It?

The installation of roof cargo baskets is worthwhile if you need more storage for your belongings. These baskets are commonly used to carry bags and equipment, but they are also useful for hauling things like skis, coolers, and lockable food boxes.

The Yakima LoadWarrior Rooftop Cargo Basket is the favorite of our team since it can accommodate both long and broad items. A heavy-duty steel frame and a bespoke front shield work together to keep your fuel economy from dipping. If you need to transport a bulkier item, such a mountain bike or kayak, there is a more compact option available.

Without spending a fortune, you can increase your carrying capacity with most baskets. However, you should verify that the vehicle’s suspension can handle the additional weight.

If you want to know how much your car’s roof can hold, Fatherly.com suggests first evaluating its dynamic capacity. Full-size cars, SUVs, and trucks typically have a towing capacity of roughly 165 pounds. A smaller vehicle naturally has a lower maximum load.

Q. Can I Use a Roof Box Without a Rack?

The majority of the rooftop cargo carriers on our list necessitate the use of a roof rack. You probably already have a roof rack if you’ve ever transported heavy objects like a canoe or yoga iSUP board.

Bicycles aren’t the only thing that can be carried on baggage racks. If you’d like to bring your bikes along, have a look at our truck tailgate mats and electric bike racks.

Most carriers will operate with a wide variety of crossbars, while some manufacturers make them to work only with their own roof racks. Be careful to get the crossbars measured or contact the manufacturer if you have any doubts.

Q. How Do You Install a Roof Cargo Carrier?

Crossbars are required for the installation of the majority of baggage baskets. Before beginning the installation process, take some measurements to make sure it will fit. It’s possible you’ll need an extension to get a snug fit.

YourMechanic states that the towers must be attached to the rails and the mounts must be attached to the vehicle in order to function properly. It’s easy to safely secure your cargo at several points of contact. To speed up setup and ensure your cargo is safe, universal U-bolts are frequently provided.

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