If you often fill your car to capacity and worry about running out of space, consider a premium roof box.

Why Do You Need A Roof Box?

roof box are good for storageIn situations when you need to transport more than your automobile can accommodate, roof box is an excellent option. Before you buy one, make sure you read our buying guide for the dirt on what to look for.

Because the automobile is just too loaded, even if you have a large people carrier, there’s always that one thing that must be left behind! When it comes to packing for your vacay, a roof box can be the perfect answer if you’re running out of room. When it comes to roof box designs and functioning, we’ll walk you through the most critical aspects and assist you in selecting the best roof box for your specific camping, caravanning, or general traveling needs.

It’s possible to mount a huge box to the top of your automobile with a roof box attachment. Extra storage space for items like sleeping bags, luggage, sports bags, and outdoor or camping gear, as well as the occasional piece of sporting equipment, is provided by roof boxes!

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4 Reasons roof boxes are useful?

With a roof box, you’ll be able to make more room in your car for a more pleasant drive, or you can just bring a lot more luggage! One of our favorite advantages of a roof box is that you may keep the most vital items in the trunk and the less important ones in the roof box. Say goodbye to digging around your car’s trunk or glove compartment looking for your phone charger or essential plush toy!

Cars that are excessively full might also pose a safety risk. When you put your baggage in a roof box, you won’t have to worry about a sudden obstruction of the driver’s vision, and you’ll still be able to see through your rear-view mirror!

1. Make Your Trip Safer

roof box is safe for tripRoof cargo boxes prevent overpacking. Even short excursions might be dangerous if your car is excessively packed.

Stopping rapidly, changing lanes, and small accidents are more dangerous with unsecured items.

Roof cargo box storage lets you stow items you won’t need throughout the trip. Pool floats, toys, golf equipment, and board games perform better on top than within.

Roof cargo boxes come in a range of sizes and forms to help travelers. Thule’s huge cargo box makes family vacations easy, while Yakima’s is best for smaller vehicles.

Consumers have almost unlimited options, so look around and choose one that works for you. Stick to your list of uses. Don’t buy roof cargo bins you won’t utilize.

Many individuals don’t utilize roof cargo boxes since they’re unsafe. Roof freight bins are safe. As long as the storage box is properly placed, carefully packed, and a decent fit for your vehicle, you’ll be delighted.

Always obey warnings, suggestions, and instructions. Don’t overpack your roof cargo box, and tighten the straps whenever you stop.

2. Well-packed roof boxes make travel easier.

How you pack your roof cargo box might affect your experience, so be careful. Roof rack weight limitations are accessible online or in the car’s owner’s manual. Remember to include your valuables and the cargo box’s weight.

Depending on your journey and what you need to bring, load your new roof cargo box carefully. The cargo box’s size also matters.

There are countless ways to pack your roof cargo box, just make sure you won’t need anything during your journey. Extra pillows, blankets, clothing, fishing rods, chairs, and other stuff will fit in cargo.

Keep first aid supplies, prescriptions, books (you don’t want to read on the trip), and devices in the car. Instead of stacking on top, coolers travel better inside. You and your passengers will enjoy endless food, reducing stops.

Stop eating. Increase bathroom breaks.

Make sure your roof cargo box fits your car and is correctly latched, no matter the size, shape, or brand. Nobody likes to look through their mirrors and watch their possessions flying down the highway.

3. Cargo boxes on the roof can open the highways to you.

roof box for campingConsumers often avoid buying a new (or used) roof cargo box thinking they’ll only use it once or twice.

Convenience makes it worth buying once, but you’ll use it again.

Even with a stressful work and little holidays, the average individual moves 11 times in their lifetime. Roof cargo boxes aren’t only for vacations.

Packing will be easy for weekend camping and excursions. You won’t have to pack light. Roof cargo box storage means no more kennels for the family dog.

Movers needed! MOVE! Travel with your kids’ buddies. Roof cargo box storage gives you options when you’re away from home.

Never undervalue “home comforts.”

4. A roof cargo box complements your car.

Roof cargo box storage is an automobile accessory. You wouldn’t build an addition without study, and this is similar.

Choosing the right storage box will save you time and stress. Understand your best option and why.

  • What do you keep in your cargo box?
  • Hard or soft storage boxes?
  • Will the box you’ve picked fit in your car?
  • How heavy are your typical bags?
  • Can you easily store the box?

A precise fit to your car is more important than the look you desire. Best Roof Box has Roof Cargo Box Buyers Guides for a number of automobiles.

Research, accurate dimensions, and understanding can help you buy a roof cargo box.

5 Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers


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How are roof boxes mounted?

The difficulty is that you can’t just buy a roof box and start putting it on your automobile. Having a roof rack system is one of the most major advantages of owning a roof box. To learn more about roof bars, check out our Buyer’s Guide or visit one of our dealerships.

If your roof rack is not compatible with the roof box, you should double-check the mounting mechanism. Mounting a roof box in one of these three ways is the most common option.

U bolts

There are a number of u-bolts can be found all throughout the place.
Screw caps in the roof box are kept in place by U-shaped bolts that fit snugly around the cross sections of the roof bars. In order to ensure that your roof box is compatible with Thule Wing bars, you must purchase an adaptor.

Power click mount

Once the power button is pressed, you’ll be ready to go.
The pre-installed “claw” can be attached to the roof rack bars in only five minutes. The roof boxes from both Halfords Advanced and Thule are equipped with this capability as an option.

Make sure your car’s roof box is securely fastened. Keep any loose items in the roof box when you remove the roof box, as it may be difficult to remove it. We’ll happily install any of our roof boxes on your car for a modest fee, so you can drive away certain that your new roof box has been installed by expert roof box specialists.

It is easy to use our roof carrying system selection tool to see which roof boxes are compatible with your vehicle. Your car’s registration number is all we need to offer you a variety of roof bars and roof boxes suitable with your vehicle.

Which roof box is the best?

Individual taste dictates which automobile top box to purchase. The following considerations will assist you in making the optimal choice of roof box for your requirements.


A compact, lower-capacity cargo box may be suitable for a lone ranger who enjoys getting lost in the bush. Make sure you get the largest suitcase you can find if you’re going on a two-week vacation with your entire family! A half-sized roof box is an option if you just require a small amount of extra storage space and want to bring a few bikes along for the ride.

Build materials

As bizarre as it may sound, the roof box’s build materials have a direct impact on its performance. Because of the thinner plastic used, less expensive roof boxes may make more noise when they move in the wind, or they may not survive as long as more expensive roof boxes made of harder polymers. To put it another way, you get more durability for your money when you pay more. All of our roof boxes are constructed from UV-protected ABS materials that are scratch resistant and won’t fracture or crumble with time.

Type of fitting

As previously said, roof boxes employ a number of fittings, so make sure they’re compatible with your roof rack system and that they’ll make your life simpler before you buy any of these fittings. After a long weekend of camping, you don’t want to stand in the rain attempting to remove your roof box. Consider rapid release fasteners like those found on our Halfords Advanced and Thule roof boxes.

Type of opening

Accessibility of things that may be restricted by other luggage depends on the manner your roof box opens. Dual-opening roof boxes enable you to load from both sides of the vehicle, whereas side-opening roof boxes only allow you to load from one side of the vehicle.

Are roof boxes bad for fuel economy?

Roof boxes alter the vehicle’s aerodynamics, resulting in a little increase in fuel consumption. Additional drag, which is also known as air resistance, means your engine will have to work harder to keep up with the added weight of the box and the contents within. With a family in the car, your gasoline costs are going to increase, aren’t they?

No, it’s not like that. Although the added weight and space on the top may put more strain on your car’s engine, most automakers believe your fuel efficiency won’t suffer much as a result. There would be no obvious increase in fuel consumption, according to Thule, one of the leading manufacturers on the market. These roof boxes have tapered fronts that cut through the approaching air and lightweight designs that are minor when compared to the weight of your automobile and additional occupants. A roof box won’t influence your car’s fuel usage until it’s loaded with a lot of heavy stuff, so if you’re simply hauling a few bags or some camping gear, you shouldn’t be concerned about it.

Having learned all about roof boxes, it’s time to choose the one that’s right for your vacation! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask our in-store auto specialists, who can also fit your roof box for you, sparing you from what may be a difficult task!

Final Thoughts

Roof freight boxes have several benefits. Perhaps you’re a nature lover who enjoys camping on the weekends. You’ll be able to store more of your belongings in a roof cargo box. As a busy parent, you may have a lot of school supplies to haul back and forth. To maximize the space in your vehicle, consider using a roof cargo box to transport all your necessities.

Roof cargo boxes are an excellent investment for a variety of reasons. They’re inexpensive, simple to install, and capable of supporting a significant amount of weight. They’re also an excellent method to keep your possessions safe from the weather. Roof cargo boxes are a great method to enhance the amount of storage space in your vehicle.

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