Honda Civic Roof Box: Maximize your Honda Civic's storage capacity with a versatile roof box. Find the perfect rooftop cargo solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your Honda Civic and enhance your travel experiences.

Honda Civic Roof Box: The Ultimate Solution for Travel Enthusiasts in 2024!

In this product roundup, we have compiled a list of the top 10 rooftop cargo boxes that are perfect for your Honda Civic. Whether you’re planning a road trip or need extra storage space, these cargo boxes offer durability, functionality, and convenience. Read on to find the perfect solution for your Honda Civic Roof Box needs.


The INNO BRM624BK Wedge Cargo Box is a highly recommended storage solution for the Honda Civic. With its sleek gloss black finish, it adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle while providing ample storage space. The cargo box’s functionality, durability, and value for money surpass expectations. Additionally, the lifetime warranty offers peace of mind. This cargo box is a great alternative to more expensive brands like Thule, making it a worthy investment for any Honda Civic owner.

  • Fits various types of racks
  • Dual side opening for easy access to cargo
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Limited color options available in the US
  • Shipping experience may vary depending on the supplier
  • May result in a slight decrease in fuel efficiency

The INNO Shadow Cargo Box/Carrier for Skis Snowboards and Winter Gear is a perfect fit for the Honda Civic. Its sleek design and low profile allow for seamless driving into garages without any issues. The high-quality materials used in its construction ensure durability while the easy opening and closing mechanism provide convenience. Although there may be a slight decrease in gas mileage and minor wind noise at higher speeds, the overall functionality and storage capacity make it an excellent choice for transporting skis, snowboards, and other winter gear.

  • Better quality than Thule with sturdier latches and hinges.
  • Easy to install on various types of roof bars.
  • Spacious with ample 13 cubic foot storage.
  • Makes noise at high speeds.
  • Decreases gas mileage, especially in lower temperatures.
  • Adds weight to the car, making uphill driving more challenging.

The Thule Force Rooftop Cargo Box is a reliable and functional addition to the Honda Civic. Its durable construction, spacious capacity, and ease of use make it a top choice for any traveler. Whether going on a family vacation or a weekend getaway, this cargo box offers the convenience and security needed. With the Thule Force Rooftop Cargo Box, the Honda Civic gains the extra storage space required for a seamless journey.

  • Versatile roof-mounted cargo box for everyday use.
  • Provides 16 cubic feet of additional packing space.
  • Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles with maximum space efficiency.
  • Thin plastic as the top shell, may not be as durable as other models.
  • Opening and closing the box can be a bit tricky.
  • Some customers reported issues with the top ripping off in windy conditions.

The YAKIMA SkyBox Carbonite is an excellent investment for Honda Civic owners in need of extra storage space. Its durable construction, easy installation, and compatibility with various roof racks make it a versatile and reliable option. With its impressive capacity, aerodynamic design, and secure locking mechanisms, this rooftop cargo box offers a practical and convenient solution for transporting gear and belongings. Whether embarking on a road trip or needing more room for everyday adventures, the YAKIMA SkyBox Carbonite is a top choice that delivers on both functionality and quality for the Honda Civic.

  • The YAKIMA SkyBox Carbonite has a tapered, aerodynamic design that reduces drag, wind noise, and interference with the car’s hatch. This means a smoother and quieter ride.
  • The cargo box has dual-sided opening, allowing easy access to your gear from either side of the vehicle. This makes it convenient to load and unload items.
  • The SuperLatch system securely locks the lid to the base, ensuring that your gear stays safe and protected during transportation. The included SKS Locks provide additional security.
  • The YAKIMA SkyBox Carbonite is on the expensive side compared to other cargo boxes on the market. However, the quality and features it offers may justify the price for some customers.
  • The cargo box may reduce fuel efficiency due to the added wind resistance. Some customers have reported a decrease in MPG while using this product.
  • The size of the cargo box can make it a bit unwieldy, especially for smaller cars. It may require some extra effort to install and remove, as well as maneuvering in tight spaces.

The Rhino Rack Cargo Box is the perfect addition to the Honda Civic for maximizing storage space during travels. It exceeds expectations in terms of functionality, durability, and ease of use. With its impressive carrying capacity and the convenience of opening from both sides, loading and accessing gear becomes effortless. The Rhino Rack Cargo Box’s construction with UV and impact-resistant materials ensures longevity. This rooftop cargo box offers Honda Civic owners a reliable and practical solution for all their storage needs.

  • The Rhino Rack Master-Fit Cargo Box has a large capacity of 400 liters, allowing you to fit a variety of gear, luggage, and equipment.
  • It is made from highly durable materials, providing improved weather resistance, UV resistance, and impact resistance, ensuring a long lifespan.
  • The box is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and a smoother driving experience.
  • The minimum crossbar spacing required for this cargo box is 24.5 inches, which may not be compatible with all roof rack systems.
  • The Rhino Rack Master-Fit Cargo Box weighs 38.6 lbs, which may make it difficult for some individuals to install or remove on their own.
  • Some customers have reported that the box does not have a completely waterproof seal, resulting in potential water leakage during heavy rain.

The YAKIMA RocketBox Pro is a compact and versatile rooftop cargo box that offers convenience and adequate storage space. With its aerodynamic design and dual-sided opening, the RocketBox Pro is easy to use and provides easy access to your belongings. The secure locking mechanism adds peace of mind, ensuring that your items are safe during travel. While the use of plastic hardware and the flimsiness of the lid closure could be improved, the RocketBox Pro is still a reliable option for Honda Civic owners in need of extra storage capacity.

  • Compact yet roomy: The Yakima RocketBox Pro 11 has a long and narrow design that can fit plenty of gear without taking up too much space on your crossbars. It is spacious enough for gear for up to 2 travelers and can accommodate snowboards and skis up to 210 cm.
  • Ideal for smaller cars: With its low-profile and aerodynamic design, this cargo box reduces drag and wind noise. Its tapered shape also minimizes interference with the vehicle’s hatch.
  • Easy to use: The dual-sided opening allows for convenient access to your gear from either side of the vehicle. It provides flexibility and ease of use when loading and unloading.
  • Quality of hardware: Some users have expressed disappointment in the quality of the hardware, particularly the plastic turn knobs that secure the nuts. They feel that, for the price, the securing hardware should be more durable.
  • flimsy hinge and latching hardware: Some customers have complained that the side hinge and latching hardware is flimsy, which raises questions about their long-term durability.
  • Potential for leakage: A few users have reported that the cargo box either leaks or collects condensation, leading to the accumulation of water inside. They suggest that the addition of drains or waterproof vents could improve this issue.

The Thule SideKick Rooftop Cargo Box is a reliable and efficient storage solution for Honda Civic owners. While the assembly process could be improved, the SideKick delivers on its promises of durability and secure storage. Its compact size makes it a versatile option for those in need of additional cargo space without compromising the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Consider the Thule SideKick if you own a Honda Civic and require a compact and reliable rooftop cargo box.

  • The compact design leaves room for other roof mounted accessories.
  • Sturdy U-bolts with reinforcement plates and adjustable brackets provide a secure fit to the rack.
  • Passenger side opening for easier loading and unloading.
  • Assembly can be time-consuming and awkward, requiring two people for best results.
  • Locks are not great and may spin in their slot when tightened, causing concerns about secure locking.
  • The soft shell may distort, and the lid may spring open if the plastic is deformed or the container is jostled.

The SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box offers great value for Honda Civic owners. Despite the possibility of hardware upgrades, this cargo box is durable and reliable, providing ample storage capacity for your belongings. The easy installation process and secure transportation of items make it a practical choice for road trips or outdoor adventures. If you own a Honda Civic and are looking for a cost-effective and functional rooftop cargo box, the SportRack Vista XL is worth considering.

  • The SportRack Vista XL cargo box has a large internal capacity of 18 cubic feet, allowing for ample storage space.
  • Made from durable, UV-resistant ABS material, this cargo box is built to withstand various weather conditions and protect your belongings.
  • The rear opening design provides easy access to your cargo, away from traffic, making loading and unloading a breeze.
  • The mounting hardware provided with the cargo box may be of lower quality, requiring an upgrade for better security and stability.
  • Some users have reported difficulty in finding the perfect mounting position for their vehicle, leading to potential inconvenience during installation.
  • The plastic material of the cargo box may flex and bulge if overpacked or not properly secured, potentially causing noise from wind buffeting during driving.

The 3D MAXpider Roof Bag is a durable and convenient solution for Honda Civic owners in need of extra storage space. Its foldable design allows for easy storage when not in use, and the tie-down system ensures that your belongings remain secure during travel. With its weather-resistant properties, this roof bag is suitable for various road trips and outdoor activities. Honda Civic owners seeking a high-quality and reliable cargo-carrying solution should consider investing in the 3D MAXpider Roof Bag.

  • The 3D MAXpider 6061M-09 Roof Bag is foldable, making it easy to store when not in use. This is a great advantage for those who have limited space or do not frequently need to use a roof bag.
  • The roof bag comes with a tie-down system, ensuring that your belongings are securely fastened to the roof of your vehicle. This provides peace of mind and prevents any potential damage or loss during transportation.
  • The included rain bag is a useful feature, as it protects your belongings from getting wet in the event of unexpected rain showers. This is especially important for long trips or camping adventures where weather conditions can be unpredictable.
  • The size of the roof bag may not be suitable for larger vehicles or for those who need to transport a significant amount of luggage. It is important to check the dimensions and consider your specific needs before purchasing.
  • Some users may find the tie-down system complex or difficult to use. It is recommended to read the instructions carefully and practice securing the bag before your actual trip to avoid any potential frustration or inconvenience.
  • The black polyester material used for the roof bag may become hot and absorb heat from the sun, potentially causing the contents inside to become warm. This can be a concern for items that are sensitive to heat or temperature changes.

The Thule 615 Pulse Rack, Large, Black is a reliable and spacious rooftop cargo solution for Honda Civic owners. With its central locking system and easy installation process, this cargo box offers added safety and convenience. While there may be a slight decrease in MPG, the benefits of the Thule 615 Pulse Rack outweigh this drawback. Honda Civic owners in need of a reliable and spacious rooftop cargo box should strongly consider this option.

  • A functional rooftop cargo box provides 16 cubic feet of additional packing space.
  • A rugged and durable design keeps contents protected.
  • The FastGrip quick-mount system assembles in minutes.
  • Some customers found the cargo box to be flimsier than expected.
  • The cargo box may cause a decrease in MPG when driving at high speeds.
  • The cargo box only opens from the passenger side, which may limit accessibility.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Honda Civic Roof Box

Adding a roof box to your Honda Civic allows increased storage and luggage capacity. But with many roof box options on the market, it’s important to choose the right one to properly fit your Civic.

Roof Box Size

  • Measure your Civic’s roof length and width
  • Consider required cargo space
  • Avoid overhanging box that exceeds roof dimensions

Common Honda Civic roof box sizes: 12-16 cubic feet

Roof Box Shape

  • Aerodynamic shapes like tapered or rounded profiles
  • Minimize drag and wind noise
  • Sporty wedge-style boxes complement Civic styling

Loading Capacity

  • Typical weight limit of 110-165 lbs
  • Heavier storage needs higher capacity
  • Civic roof limit: 150 lbs

Verify your Civic’s max roof load rating

Attachment and Security

  • Universal mounts adjust for various crossbar spreads
  • Locking mechanisms prevent theft
  • Tested for highway speeds and impact resistance

Material Durability

  • ABS plastic or aluminum shells
  • UV and corrosion resistant
  • Durable in all weather conditions

Brand Reputation

  • Trusted brands like Yakima, Thule, Inno
  • Reputable brands offer good warranties
  • Indicator of quality manufacturing

With the right measurements and selection criteria, you can choose an excellent roof box to maximize your Honda Civic’s cargo capabilities. Drive in style and comfort on your next adventure!

FAQs on Honda Civic Roof Boxes

What size roof box fits my Honda Civic?

  • Measure the roof length and width of your specific Civic model year
  • Common sizes that fit are 12, 14, or 16 cubic feet
  • Avoid overhang beyond roof’s dimensions

How much weight can a Honda Civic roof hold?

  • Most Civic models have a max roof load of 150 pounds
  • Check your owner’s manual for exact rating
  • Consider box weight when loading gear

What features should I look for in a Civic roof box?

  • Aerodynamic profile to reduce drag
  • Universal mounting system to fit crossbars
  • Locking lid for security
  • Durable and weatherproof shell

How do I install and properly mount a roof box?

  • Attach crossbars if not already installed
  • Loosely fix mounting hardware to crossbars
  • Set box on vehicle roof and tighten clamps
  • Verify secure attachment before loading

How can I improve fuel economy with a roof box?

  • Load box evenly and avoid exceeding weight limits
  • Open only one side of box to access gear
  • Remove box when not needed to improve aerodynamics
  • Drive at moderate speeds

Are there any regulations for driving with roof boxes?

  • Ensure total vehicle height meets legal limits
  • Boxes may obstruct brake lights requiring re-routing
  • Always check state laws before installing accessories

How can I maintain and care for a roof box?

  • Keep exterior cleaned and periodically waxed
  • Lubricate locks and hinges
  • Check mounting hardware is tight
  • Store box indoors when not in use

With proper selection and care, a roof box expands your Civic’s cargo capacity for all your adventures!

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