Discover the ultimate camping experience with our Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent. Read our in-depth review to find out if it's worth the investment.

Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Review: Unveiling the 7 Incredible Features

Get ready to pitch your tent in under a minute! Our review of the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent will help you decide if this tent is the right choice for your next camping trip.

Camping is an enjoyable outdoor activity that allows us to disconnect from our daily routines and connect with nature. However, camping without proper gear can be challenging and stressful, especially when it comes to setting up a tent. In this blog post, we will introduce you to Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tents, which are designed to make camping effortless and enjoyable.

Coleman is a well-known and trusted brand in the camping industry. They are known for producing high-quality and innovative camping gear, including tents, coolers, stoves, and more. One of their most popular products is the Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tent. This tent is designed to provide quick and easy setup, weather resistance, and a spacious interior.

The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent: Is It Worth the Price?

The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is a popular option for camping enthusiasts who want a quick and easy set-up process. While the price may seem steep in comparison to other camping tents on the market, the convenience of the instant set-up and durable materials make it a worthwhile investment for frequent campers.

The spacious interior and ample ventilation also make for a comfortable camping experience. However, for those who only camp occasionally or are on a tight budget, the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent may not be the best fit. It is ultimately up to individual preference and camping needs when deciding if the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is worth the price.

Spec of Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

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Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Review


Ten feet by nine feet is about standard for a 6-person tent, making the Coleman Instant Tent 6 a good choice (90sqft). Most hikers won’t need to kneel at the summit because it’s just 6 feet and 2 inches high. The walls of this cabin-style tent are rather tall, so you won’t have to stoop down unless you’re in the very center. It’s going to be a squish for six people, but a couple of parents and two kids may fit. A pair might have plenty of space to themselves.

There are five windows total on this tent, including two little ones at the door and three more larger ones around the sides. There’s only one door in the tent, and it’s on the wrong side of the tent. The Quick Tent 6 might have benefited immensely from at least two doors, in our opinion, to facilitate the admission and exit of larger groups.

A few of key elements that would make the Instant Tent 6 more competitive with other tents like it are absent from this model. A major shortcoming is the lack of storage space; we expected at least twice as many mesh pockets as there actually are (there is, however, at least a clip on the ceiling where you can hang a lantern). As there are no doorways, a divider was not a high concern. The lack of a vestibule was also a major problem for us, as it would have been nice to have somewhere to put wet clothing before entering the tent in the event of an unexpected downpour. Also, the two foldable roof vents were a nice touch, but they can let rain if left open during wet weather.

Ease of Setup

When they call this a “instant tent,” Coleman isn’t playing around. It takes as little as 60 seconds to set up the tent from the moment you remove it from its carrying case, and we discovered that this was not an exaggeration. You may set up this tent by taking it out of its bag, removing the strap, and unrolling it so that the hub is facing upward. Then, you can separate the four joints at the roof’s corners and extend the four telescoping legs until they click into place. So long. As the tent is self-supporting, you may peg it down more whenever you choose (unless wind is a factor). If you decide to purchase an additional rainfly for your tent, you need set aside some more time to attach it, but we’ll get into that in further detail below. In addition, unlike some of the two-person tents we reviewed, this one can be set up by a single person with relative ease.

The Instant Tent 6 weighs 24.9 lb and has a packed dimension of 48″ x 9″ x 9″, so it is a quite large tent that will require some car space. Yet, its travel bag, which we value far more highly, can be disassembled and stored away in a jiffy. The Coleman Instant Tent 6 pleased us the most in our set-up category when we tested tents in 2021.


The Instant Tent 6, which may be used in any of the three seasons, has both advantages and disadvantages. The outside of the Coleman tent is waterproof despite being a single-layer design thanks to its welded floors and inverted French seams. While it does have a rainfly, it is what is known as an integrated rainfly, which is essentially just a waterproof roof sewn into the main tent. If the rain is falling straight down, this integrated rainfly should be able to keep your cabin dry. But, if the wind is blowing, that’s a different story. There are two deployable vents on the roof, as well as five windows, all of which must be closed if there is even a remote prospect of precipitation. The door and window flaps are a godsend, since they keep the rain out.

The lack of ventilation (and visibility) when rain is in the forecast is our biggest complaint about the integrated rainfly, however this may be mitigated to some extent. A supplementary rainfly item made of Polyguard 2X that straps to the top lets you to have open vents without worrying about your belongings getting wet, and it only costs $28 from Coleman. Although while it’s not ideal to pay an extra 20% to have access to this function, it’s still considerably more wallet-friendly than the vast majority of the tents we looked at for this study. The only thing this rainfly does is make the tent a little bit more watertight.


Coleman Instant Tent 6’s flooring and canopy are constructed of a robust 150D polyester, which is notably thicker than many of the tents in our evaluation and should hold up to a great lot of hardship. Leg poles are 16mm thick and roof poles are 12mm thick, therefore the aluminum poles are also quite sturdy. Weighing in at than 25 pounds, this is the heaviest tent in our 2021 study due to the use of such robust materials. As we just needed to move this tent from the car to the impact pad, the added weight wasn’t a problem, and we’d rather have a sturdy tent than a lightweight one. Neither a 9’x9′ nor a 10’x10′ footprint is included with this tent, but thankfully Coleman does sell both sizes separately. Using a tarp instead might save you a lot of money as well. Depending on the amount of quality you want, you should expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $20.

Benefits of Using the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

Using Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tents offers several benefits that make camping more enjoyable and less stressful. One of the most significant benefits is that the tent saves time. The tent can be set up within 60 seconds, allowing campers to spend more time enjoying nature and less time setting up camp.

Another benefit of using Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tents is that they are comfortable and spacious. The tent’s six-foot center height and spacious interior allow campers to move around and stand up inside the tent. Additionally, the tent’s built-in storage pockets provide ample space for gear and equipment, allowing campers to keep their living space organized and clutter-free.

Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tents are also durable and long-lasting. The tent is made from high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that it will last for many camping trips to come. Additionally, the tent’s patented WeatherTec technology ensures that the tent remains dry and comfortable even during heavy rain.

Transporting and storing Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tents is also easy and convenient. The tent comes with a carry bag that makes it easy to transport the tent to and from the campsite. Additionally, the tent’s compact design allows it to be easily stored in a garage, closet, or storage unit when not in use.

Lastly, Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tents are suitable for all types of weather conditions. The tent’s weather-resistant design ensures that campers are protected from rain, wind, and snow. Additionally, the tent’s ventilation system helps to keep the interior cool and comfortable during warm weather.

How to Use Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

Using Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tents is easy and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up the tent:

  1. Choose a suitable campsite: Before setting up the tent, choose a level and dry campsite. Avoid setting up the tent in low-lying areas or near bodies of water.

  2. Unpack the tent: Take the tent out of its carrying bag and lay it flat on the ground. Make sure that all the tent’s parts are accounted for, including the poles, stakes, and rainfly.

  3. Assemble the tent poles: The tent’s poles are pre-attached and color-coded, making assembly quick and easy. Unfold the tent’s poles and snap them into place.

  4. Raise the tent: Lift the tent and raise it to its full height. The tent should be upright and stable.

  5. Secure the tent: Use the included stakes to secure the tent to the ground. Make sure that the tent is securely anchored to prevent it from being blown away by wind or other weather conditions.

  6. Attach the rainfly: The tent’s rainfly should be attached to provide additional protection from the elements. The rainfly can be secured with the included straps or clips.

Maintenance and Storage Tips for Coleman Instant Tent

To ensure that your Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tent lasts for many camping trips to come, it’s important to take proper care of the tent. Here are some maintenance and storage tips:

  1. Clean the tent after each use: After each camping trip, clean the tent thoroughly to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the tent’s exterior and interior.

  2. Allow the tent to dry completely: Before packing the tent away, allow it to dry completely to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

  3. Store the tent in a dry, cool place: Store the tent in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Avoid storing the tent in a damp or humid area, as this can damage the tent’s materials.

Camping Tents: Comparison

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FAQs for Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

Q: What is a Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent? A: A Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is a spacious and easy-to-set-up camping tent designed to accommodate up to six people. It provides a convenient and comfortable shelter for outdoor camping adventures.

Q: How long does it take to set up the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent? A: The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is specifically designed for quick and easy setup. It can be assembled in approximately 10 minutes or less, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your camping experience.

Q: What are the dimensions and weight of the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent? A: The dimensions and weight of the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent may vary slightly depending on the specific model. However, it typically measures around 10 feet by 9 feet (floor size) with a center height of around 6 feet. The weight ranges from approximately 18 to 25 pounds.

Q: Is the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent suitable for all weather conditions? A: The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is designed to provide reliable protection in various weather conditions. It features durable materials and a weather-resistant construction, including a strong frame and a rainfly to keep you dry during rain showers.

Q: Can the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent withstand strong winds? A: While the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is designed to withstand moderate wind conditions, it may not be suitable for extremely high winds. To enhance stability, it is recommended to properly stake down the tent and use guy lines provided, especially during windy weather.

Q: Does the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent include a rainfly? A: Yes, the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent typically includes a detachable rainfly. The rainfly provides an additional layer of protection against rain and helps to keep the interior of the tent dry.

Q: Are there multiple entry points in the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent? A: Yes, the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent usually features multiple entry points, such as one or more doors. This allows for easy access and convenience, especially when multiple campers are using the tent.

Q: Can I stand up inside the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent? A: Yes, the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is designed with a generous center height, typically around 6 feet. This allows most campers to stand up comfortably inside the tent.

Q: Does the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent have storage pockets? A: Yes, the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is often equipped with storage pockets for organizing small items. These pockets are convenient for keeping essentials within reach and maintaining a tidy camping space.

Q: Is the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent easy to pack and carry? A: Yes, the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is designed for easy disassembly and packing. It typically comes with a carrying bag, making it convenient for transportation and storage.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tents have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. Customers praise the tent’s quick and easy setup, spacious interior, and weather-resistant design. Many customers also appreciate the tent’s built-in storage pockets and ventilation system, which make camping more comfortable and convenient.

One customer wrote, “We love our Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tent! It’s so easy to set up and provides ample space for our family of four. The tent is also very sturdy and can withstand heavy rain and wind.

Another customer wrote, “This tent is a game-changer! It’s so easy to set up and take down, and the spacious interior is perfect for our family. We’ve used this tent on multiple camping trips and have never had any issues with leaks or condensation.

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin: Final Thoughts

Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tents are a must-have camping gear for anyone who wants to make camping effortless and enjoyable. The tent’s quick and easy setup, weather-resistant design, spacious interior, and ventilation system make it an ideal option for families, groups of friends, and solo campers. By using Coleman’s 6 Person Instant Tents, you can spend less time setting up camp and more time enjoying nature.

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