Listed here are this year's best roof boxes, which range from simple and inexpensive to sophisticated and expensive designs.

Best Cargo Box In 2023

Do you enjoy spending time outside? Every time you pack your car, do you feel like you’re playing Tetris? It sounds like you’ll need a best cargo box!

Cargo boxes are an excellent method of transporting your belongings. In addition to freeing up room in the vehicle for passengers (or additional gear), they safeguard your belongings while you’re traveling. Skiers, snowboarders and surfers are the most likely to utilize large cargo boxes when camping or climbing; smaller ones are more typically used for additional camping or climbing gear.

There’s a cargo box for just about any outdoor activity you can think of. The top cargo boxes now on the market are all here, and we’ve analyzed their strengths and weaknesses to help you choose the one that’s ideal for you – have fun!

Thule Motion XT XL

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Best Cargo Box

YAKIMA RocketBox Pro

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Thule SideKick Cargo Box

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JEGS Cargo Carrier

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Goplus Cargo Box

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SportRack Horizon Alpine

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INNO BRA1210BK Shadow Box

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Best Cargo Box

1. Thule Motion XT XL

The Thule Motion XT XL rooftop cargo box is an excellent option if you need to move large, heavy objects.

This XL model can hold up to 7 pairs of skis or 5 snowboards, thanks to its generous 18 cubic feet of storage space. To top it all off, you don’t have to worry about your gear’s weight because it has one the largest weight capacities we’ve ever seen.

The pre-installed quick-mount mechanism and the comforting ‘click’ that informs you everything is in the proper place make this box a breeze to assemble. We also appreciate that it’s been intelligently positioned to maximize trunk access by sitting front on the car.

Despite its bulk, the box is easy to open thanks to the lid lifters and sticky grips that alleviate the strain. As a bonus, you may stuff this box from either side (or both, in the case of a helper) and, when you’re done, the SlideLock system will lock the lid and let you know that the box has closed correctly, which is a nice touch.

These boxes are also available in L and XXL, so you’ll be covered for all of your storage requirements. Sadly, because of their size, they are bulky and cumbersome, and they are also expensive. However, these cargo crates are well worth the money if you can afford one.

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2. YAKIMA RocketBox Pro

Best Cargo BoxTransporting medium-sized freight via air may be the best option for you if you’re seeking a dependable method. With an additional 12 cubic feet of storage space, the YAKIMA RocketBox Pro rooftop cargo box is a tough and reliable option for hauling supplies and equipment.

This is a wonderful alternative for compact cars because of the lower drag and easy access to the trunk provided by the wide aerodynamic shape and forward-mounting hardware.

You can leave your toolbox in the shed since this box doesn’t require any construction, and its quick-release mechanism means you can snap it off in no time – ideal when you arrive back from a weekend trip fatigued. It’s also convenient to be able to unpack from any side.

Because of the SKS locks and the built-in push-button security, the box is completely sealed. If you can, store your goods in a water-resistant bag since you never know when water will find its way inside. We were expected to pay more for this sleek, well-designed box with a good amount of storage space, but we were pleasantly surprised by the low pricing and the fact that it comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Consider that the reduced size implies that you won’t be able to place heavy objects like boards or skis in this box. If you’re going in a compact car, it’s a terrific option for additional items. Oh, and the matte finish is fantastic.

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3. Thule SideKick Cargo Box

The Thule SideKick Luggage Box is a great alternative if you need a little extra room but don’t want to go overboard with a large rooftop cargo box.

This 8 cubic-inch storage box is ideal for golf equipment or family vacations when packing has gotten out of hand (obviously not for skis or boards).

The reduced size means less wind resistance and less fuel consumption. In addition, this box weighs just 16 pounds, making it easy to install. Make sure to keep in mind that this box can only be opened from the passenger side because of its self-standing top lid and robust hinges. The two locks can be used to provide a secure seal once the package has been packaged.

It has a smaller weight capacity than bigger ones, but considering its size, it can contain quite a bit of additional equipment. A cargo box, such as this one, is a better option if you don’t have any oddly shaped products and simply need a little additional storage space. Instead of spending more money on a bigger vehicle since it will only slow you down and make mounting more difficult.

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4. JEGS Cargo Carrier

As far as cargo carriers go, we can’t say enough good things about the JEGS Cargo Carrier.

What I like best about this bag is how tough it is. All of your goods will be safe and sound thanks to the durable HDPE plastic covering that has UV protection, as well as a four-corner locking system, latch on the front and a waterproof seal that prevents water from getting in.

In spite of the box’s heft, it can be installed by one person with little difficulty, as it only weighs 28 lbs. A large weight-to-weight-bearing capacity ratio may be achieved with this device. Self-standing lid, easy loading from either side, and no trunk access restrictions.

Even though it’s been shaped to aid with aerodynamics, this cargo box is still a box and not the most aerodynamic design we’ve encountered. As far as athletic equipment goes, it won’t work with it.

It’s an excellent and reasonably priced way to carry objects of average form from A to B.

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5. Goplus Cargo Box

The Goplus Cargo Box adds 14 cubic feet of cargo space to your vehicle in an incredibly fashionable way.

This is one of the most attractive cargo boxes we’ve seen, coming in three distinct colors and with a clean, streamlined design. Furthermore, the aerodynamic design reduces your fuel consumption, making it a win-win situation.

Even though the box is attractive, this is a solid piece of kit that can support 165 pounds. Additionally, the base of the lid is supported by metal stiffeners (although we wish the roof was slightly sturdier). We were surprised to find that it is much lighter than we expected, weighing in at 25 lbs. In combination with the quick-connect anchors (called clamps), this box may be installed in minutes.

As for packing, the box can be opened from either side, and there are solid arms to support it open for you if necessary. You’re all set to leave once you’ve secured the box with the twin side locks.

Aside from the fact that it doesn’t have a place for skis or snowboards, this box is an absolute winner. It’s light and attractive, can handle huge loads, and is quite easy to use.

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6. SportRack Horizon Alpine

With the introduction of the SportRack Horizon Alpine, we’re returning to the domain of super-sized cargo boxes.

When it comes to this box’s name, alpine experiences come to mind. Six pairs of skis (up to 180 cm) or four snowboards may be stored in this box’s 16 cubic feet of space (but it can also fit surfboards if you find yourself at the coast).

There’s also an even larger version if that’s not enough. This box is more inexpensive than most large-capacity ones, so it’s still a good choice for those on a tight budget despite the lower weight capacity.

For its modest price, this box is made of impact-resistant ABS, so it will be durable enough for normal use. Even though it’s a bit heavy, the quick-release attachment tool that comes with it makes installation a breeze.

It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some of the more costly alternatives, such as dual side opening and numerous locks, but it’s huge, quick to install, and won’t break the bank.

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7. SPORTRACK SR7095 Skyline XL

The SPORTRACK SR7095 Skyline XL is a great option if you need a lot of storage but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

For a fraction of the price and weight, you’re receiving 18 cubic feet of more storage space. Whether it’s sunny, windy, or raining outside, your stuff will be safe in this bag since it’s made of high-density UV-resistant plastic and has a water-resistant seal, two locks, and dual latches.

In the event that you have children, this can really be a useful safety feature. In addition, once the lid is opened, it will stay open while you’re packing. As a result of the vehicle’s reduced size, you’ll have easier access to the trunk.

Where do I get my money? The installation is the biggest problem. Despite the fact that the box comes with all the necessary equipment and instructions, most consumers find that it takes significantly longer than claimed to actually install this box.

For those who are willing to put in the time and effort, this cargo box might be the answer to your storage woes.

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8. INNO BRA1210BK Shadow Box

The INNO BRA1210BK Shadow Box completes our list of the top cargo boxes. When it comes to transporting a wide variety of products, this box is the ideal solution.

Despite the fact that it can hold six snowboards, eight pairs of skis, or two surfboards, this box is shorter than most other similar models (external height = 13.4 inches). Reduces drag and fuel consumption by reducing the box’s volume.

With that much gear on top of you, you’ll want to be sure it’s stable. Because of its three-layer design and reinforced foundation, the INNO Shadow is incredibly stable.

In spite of its 13 cubic-inch size, the Quick-Mount mechanism makes things a bit easier. As a bonus, it’s crossbar-compatible, so you can load this beast from either side while transporting.

A strong, well-designed box that can fit springs of different shapes and sizes may be a little pricy, but we think the investment is worthwhile.

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Choosing the best rooftop carrier

Even though a rooftop carrier’s main job is to move a lot of gear from one place to another, you’ll need to weigh the following things to find the right one for your needs.

1. Carrier Types

Cargo carriers come in three kinds.

Box: These hard-sided pods provide the most safe storage for baggage and sports equipment. You’ll need clamps, U-bolts, or other mounting hardware to connect them to your car. Box carriers with locks can move valuables. This sort of pod is pricey and its boxy design produces wind drag, which is loud and reduces fuel economy.

Bag: Soft-sided bags strap to your car’s roof, eliminating the need for a roof rack. When not in use, they fold up for easy storage. Bag carriers cost $100 or less. Even weatherproof bags don’t offer as much protection as hard-sided pods. Straps might damage your automobile.

Basket: These large metal baskets mount to your car’s roof and provide a solid place to store heavy stuff. When empty, they don’t add much wind drag to your automobile. Theft is easier on uncovered, weather-exposed baskets.

2. Carrier Specs

After choosing a carrier, examine these specs.

Dimensions: First, ensure sure the carrier isn’t too lengthy for your vehicle. If it covers your windshield, it’s a driving danger. If it overhangs your roof, your hatch may not open. Consider carrier height if you want to park in a garage. 11-inch or less may be preferable than 15 to 18 inches.

Storage Capacity: How much the carrier can carry. First, examine the cubic feet — carriers range from 8 to 22. Towards a good haul, aim for the middle. Check the internal length to make sure skis and golf clubs fit.

Weight: First, examine the carrier’s weight, which affects installation. The lightest models weigh 15 pounds, while the heaviest are almost 60. Check the carrier’s weight capacity and your car’s dynamic load limit in the handbook. Some high-end carriers can hold 165 pounds, but your car’s roof may not.

3. Carrier Features

These qualities matter most, per our tests.

Mounting hardware: Check if the carrier fits your rooftop arrangement. If your car doesn’t have a factory-installed roof rack, you may need extra mounting solutions.

Lock: This is especially critical if you’re hauling a bike or pricey luggage. All carrier locks are theft-deterrent, not theft-proof, thus an experienced thief may pick them. If valuables are inside, don’t leave the car alone.

Open/close mechanism: Box carriers can have one-, two-, or rear-access. Dual-sided boxes may be opened from the driver or passenger side. This might aid street-parking city residents. Budget versions have rear-only access.

Interior storage: Cheapest carriers are empty shells. As you move up in price range, though, you’ll start to notice more helpful storage capabilities. Integrated tie-down points help secure cargo, while felt liners prevent scratches and built-in LEDs are handy for nighttime loading and unloading.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still unsure which box to choose, don’t hesitate to contact us. To help you decide, we’ve put up a list of the best boxes for different types of loads.

For emergencies, we recommend the Thule SideKick Cargo Box, which isn’t expensive and doesn’t add a ton of drag to your vehicle.

Even though it has a storage capacity of 8 cubic feet, this box only weighs 16 pounds. Self-standing lid and two locks are also included for further security — you know you want to.

We think the YAKIMA RocketBox Pro is the best option for medium loads. You can fit a lot of additional stuff in the 12 cubic feet of storage, and the front mounting allows you to use it with smaller vehicles.

For heavy loads, we use the Thule Motion XT XL topbox. With an 18 cubic foot capacity and a maximum weight capacity of 165 lbs., it is ideal for skiers, snowboarders, and surfers alike.

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