Whether you're a seasoned camper or a newcomer to truck bed camping, these 2023 camper shells for Toyota Tacoma trucks will help you make the most of your adventures.

Top 7 Toyota Tacoma Camper Shells for the Ultimate Truck Bed Setup in 2024

Do you experience ultimate versatility with Toyota Tacoma camper shells? Do you have any experience with overlanding in severe weather? Users of the Toyota Tacoma who often transport items in the truck beds often find that driving in wet conditions or extreme heat is a frustrating experience. When it rains heavily, the water that collects in our cargo bed can cause serious problems for our tools and equipment. Sometimes we’ve store our outdoor gear in the back of the vehicle, where it is subjected to the blazing sun and flying dirt and dust. I can still recall the trouble these conditions caused on every camping trip I took until I got my first Tacoma camper cover.

Possessing the greatest Toyota Tacoma camper shell improved not only my overlanding experience but also my ability to haul my essentials on a daily basis. Simply said, it made my vehicle better, simplified my life, and provided me with additional options for moving stuff, stowing valuables, and making use of the extra room in my Taco.

My life changed forever when I finally put up my Tacoma bed canopy for my camping trips. With adding this off-road addition to my vehicle, I feel much safer setting up camp in the open. After giving some thought to installing a bed cap, the inconvenience of an uncovered bed has diminished dramatically.

Why Do You Need A Camper Shell?

It’s true that not everyone is interested in purchasing a camper shell. They are more of a bother than a convenience for some people rather than a practical place to put things. Installing one of these will transform your pickup from a utilitarian workhorse for towing large objects into more of a camper/work truck.

A camper shell is mostly used for camping within the overlanding community. See how Katie has transformed the back of her Tacoma into a makeshift guesthouse for her next road trip above! Her tools, sleeping gear, and camping equipment are safe within her Leer 100XR camper shell, where they are protected from the elements, dust, and theft. And yet, alas, this is the world in which we find ourselves.

Overlanding with a camper shell and a do-it-yourself bed is a great way to customize your vehicle. Finding an inexpensive shell on Craigslist as Brad did can save you thousands of dollars compared to purchasing a new bed rack and RTT system.

The problem arises when you need the shell’s ease of use but also want to make full use of your truck bed on the weekends. Because of this use, both the Softopper and (a new) inflatable version are gaining traction in the market. They’re the best of both worlds, allowing you to help your pals relocate while still having complete bed covers.


How To Choose A Toyota Tacoma Camper Top

A camper shell on a Toyota Tacoma is not something that everyone feels comfortable flaunting. It’s undeniable that there are advantages to having your own. You should think about these things to get the most out of your Taco Truck and make the most of the advantages of having a camper shell.

1. Knowing The Purpose Of Your Truck Bed

Carrying lengthy tools or bulky supplies may be difficult if you have a camper shell. It’s possible that anything larger than our truck bed won’t fit inside our camper shell because Tacoma camper shells are sealed and protected. Although while some Tacoma Camper top models include removable panels that may be opened in an emergency, this may not always be the best course of action.

2. Planning Out The Accessories

When you go on an off-road excursion, a camper shell is a convenient and safe way to store and protect your belongings. It may be difficult to maintain things neat and tidy if you want to make the most of the space in your truck bed. Even if there are ways to organize your belongings, such as installing a drawer system, all of your camping gear should fit into those drawers for you to have a pleasant camping experience in the back of your vehicle.

3. Load Rating

The Taco truck will be loaded down with various pieces of off-road equipment once you’ve decided what to bring and how to secure it. However the weights of these add-ons may add up and put a strain on your off-road vehicle. The weight of certain Tacoma Camper shells might easily exceed two hundred pounds, restricting your ability to bring along additional camping gear.

4. Design And Style Of The Taco Camper Shell

Tacoma Camper tops might make it more challenging to quickly get into bed. Due to the locked windows or sliding mechanisms on some bed canopies, it may be difficult to have easy access to your belongings. Access to truck bed accessories and airflow while outdoor camping can be improved by carefully considering the canopy design.

5. Material Composition 

Load capacity is directly related to the material composition of these truck bed attachments. Knowing the origin of your camper shells will give you even more confidence in the longevity of your Tacoma camper top. Additionally, you never know when you might want to mount anything to the ceiling above your bed canopy, so you’ll want to have a solid option on hand.

Toyota Tacoma Camper Shells: Features & Spec


RSI Evo Sport Smartcap

Our ratings



RSI EvoA Adventure SmartCap

Our ratings



RLD Design Stainless Steel Truck Cap V3 

Our ratings



Tacoma Camper Shell Leer 100R

Our ratings


Super Pacific Switchback X1 Tacoma Bed Canopy

Super Pacific Switchback X1

Our ratings


ARE CX Evolve

ARE CX Evolve

Our ratings


Bestop Supertop Soft Bed Tacoma Camper Topper

ARE CX Evolve

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Toyota Tacoma Camper Shells Review

1. RSI Evo Sport Smartcap:  Best Camper Shell

SmartCap_EVO_480x480The RSI Evo Sport Smartcap is one of the most reliable camper tops you can put on your Tacoma truck, and it is the most well-liked best camper shell among off-road enthusiasts who like to sleep in the back of their trucks. The RSI Smartcap truck cap, which was inspired by the arduous treks of Africa, can be easily installed on your Tacoma and will open up a world of new possibilities for your overlanding adventures.

The clever system of this waterproof Toyota Tacoma Camper Top’s gullwing door opening allows for rapid access to your off-road gear without having to remove it. To avoid having to reach into your truck’s interior, the gullwing door gives up to 17% more space than standard fiberglass bed covers.

If you buy an RSI Evo Sport Smartcap for your Tacoma, you won’t just get a cover for the back of your truck. In fact, the RSI Camper Shell for the Toyota Tacoma comes with its own roof rails so that you may attach more storage there. There’s plenty of room for your bike, kayak, or RTT, and you can attach any rack you choose to the top. You’ll receive excellent value far above your investment.

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2. RSI EvoA Adventure SmartCap: 3rd Gen Tacoma Camper Shell

SmartCap_EVOa_480x480The RSI EvoA Smartcap is your everyday companion for overlanding. It lights up every adventure you are on. The 3rd Gen Tacoma shell is built with intense material durability and can withstand the harshest weather conditions you’ll face. Why is it a good buy for you to put up this Taco bed canopy? I’d like to tell you a few things.

The RSI EvoA Adventure Smartcap is made of forged stainless steel from South Africa that can easily hold up to 770 lbs of weight on top. The RSI Tacoma camper topper has built-in roof rails that can be used with any roof rack system to carry any equipment you need. Aside from the top mounting point, MOLLE panels are placed in strategic places on the gullwing doors, giving compatible accessories more places to attach.

One of the added features of having an RSI EvoA Adventure Smartcap is its elegant design infused with functionality. From the double-walled side doors with built-in mounting points and positive pressure air ventilation to the flush-bonded fixed window on the tailgate that can be used for a third brake light, you can tell this Tacoma Camper shell is of high quality. The good news is that this off-road accessory isn’t just for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks. It can also be used with a 2nd Gen Taco truck.

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3. RLD Design Stainless Steel Truck Cap V3: 2nd Gen Tacoma Camper Shell

The RLD Design Stainless Steel Truck Cap V3, the result of extensive redesign and improvement, is the ideal camper top for your Tacoma when you’re planning an extended trip. The stainless steel used in the base model of these canopies for beds makes it resistant to both external force and severe weather thanks to its tig-welded construction. With the addition of the RLD Design V3 Truck Cap, you can get a sophisticated design that will turn heads everywhere you go.

This off-road RLD camper top adds a lot of flair to your vehicle and serves many practical purposes. The large gullwing windows on your vehicle are protected from the elements by a double-layer seal that keeps water out, and by a positive pressure intake that keeps dust out. The pickup’s bed can be reached rapidly thanks to the twin gas struts installed in all doors.

The RLD Design Stainless Steel Truck Cap V3 has huge pressure levers on each door to keep your supplies safe while they’re stored inside your Tacoma. Why is this gravel addition so great? There’s a lot of room for personalization, so it may be adapted to work with any model of Tacoma pickup.

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4. Tacoma Camper Shell Leer 100R

leer-toyota-tacoma-camper-shell_480x480The RLD Design Stainless Steel Truck Cap V3 is the ideal Tacoma camper top for your overlanding needs after extensive invention and restructuring. The base model of this bed canopy is made with tig welding and strong stainless steel that is meant to withstand bad weather and outside force. With your RLD Design V3 Truck Cap placed, you may get fashionable aesthetics that will undoubtedly attract attention when you pass by.

This off-road RLD camper top not only enhances your overall look but also significantly increases the table’s utility. Wide gullwing windows are strengthened with a positive pressure intake to prevent dust ingress and weatherproofed with a double-layer seal to keep water out of your truck bed. Moreover, all doors have twin gas struts for rapid access to the truck bed.

The RLD Design Stainless Steel Truck Cap V3 has huge pressure levers on each door to assure the security of your supplies inside your Tacoma, so you never have to worry about it. What makes this off-road extension fantastic? It can easily suit any Tacoma truck version because everything is scalable.

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5. Super Pacific Switchback X1 Tacoma Bed Canopy

Super Pacific Switchback X1 Tacoma Bed CanopyBecause of its cutting-edge design, use of lightweight materials, and plenty of mounting choices for your off-road gear, the Super Pacific Switchback X1 Bed Canopy is one of the best Tacoma camper top solutions. While being built of aluminum, the Super Pacific Switchback X1 Bed Canopy has exceptional characteristics that make it a perfect off-road partner.

With the help of cutting-edge innovation, Tacoma camper shells from Super Pacific have a stronger framework and a more robust bed canopy base. The Super Pacific Switchback X1 Toyota Tacoma Camper Top is created with an unmatched level of craftsmanship, aerospace heritage, and over-engineering to match the Toyota Tacoma’s off-road capabilities. This simply means that, because of aeronautical engineering, this camper topper can outlive your Taco truck.

The Super Pacific Switchback X1 was made so that you can use it on your overlanding trips and also reduce your total load rating. With the functional and well-placed Tacoma truck canopy parts, there are a lot of attachment points and panels to choose from. Placement is flexible using modular Molle panels, giving you extra space to hang your items. To preserve an unhindered reach to your truck bed, complete access on the side of your truck is offered and properly planned out. Moreover, the Switchback X1 may get a Super Pacific RTT for itself.

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6. ARE CX Evolve: Tacoma Fiberglass Camper Shell

If you want a Tacoma camper top with a touch of creativity and flair, go no further than the ARE CX Evolve Truck Cap. For the greatest overlanding experience, the Fiberglass ARE CX Evolve for Toyota Tacoma boasts exceptional characteristics. You’ll notice a difference even after adding this Tacoma bed canopy on the Basic model.

One of the first of its sort in the sector is the rear door that is produced by the tailgate. The rear door panel is frameless and primarily depends on the tailgate mechanism of your Taco truck. By combining these two distinct add-ons, your CX Evolve will appear to be an extension of your Tacoma truck bed and will include a sophisticated keyless entry system and a OneMotion handle for simpler access. It seems natural to integrate the Tacoma truck bed with the ARE CX Evolve, as though your off-road vehicle already had access to this truck bed canopy as an extra attachment.

Although there are several upgrade choices when purchasing the ARE CX Evolve, staying with the Basic ARE truck cap already provides you with this off-road capability. Because all side panels have aluminum frames, your truck bed will have adequate access and ventilation. You may put your roof rack system on the roof tracks up top for greater storage management. Regarding its inside, a dark gray headliner complements a 12V LED Dome to provide light when needed while adding additional insulation to the inside of your truck bed.

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7. Bestop Supertop Soft Bed Tacoma Camper Topper 

If you’re looking for a camper topper that doesn’t require permanent installation, a soft top cover is the best Tacoma bed canopy for you. This set of truck bed accessories allows for easier access to your entire bed if you need to transport taller items. Since they aren’t permanently riveted or drilled in place, you can still remove them if necessary.

Despite being collapsible, the Bestop Supertop Soft Bed Tacoma Bed Canopy offers the same features as other hard shell camper toppers. The black diamond fabric material used to make this truck bed canopy ensures that your truck bed is still protected from external elements. The solid vinyl construction of the shell windows provides basic resistance against strong winds.

Choosing the Bestop Supertop Soft bed canopy for your Tacoma is an excellent option if you want a flexible, removable, and easily adjustable bed topper. With this soft truck bed topper, you can still get the best protection without permanently drilling into your Tacoma truck.

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Camper Shells vs. Bed Canopies

Terms like “Tacoma Bed Canopy,” “camper shell,” “truck cap,” and “Tacoma camper topper” are used throughout this page. In case you were wondering, these off-road truck bed attachments are completely interchangeable with one another; there is absolutely NO difference between them. All three of these nouns describe the same thing: an overlanding rig mounted to the back of your truck (in this case, a Toyota Tacoma).

The enclosed compartment provided by a Tacoma bed canopy or camper shell allows you to make the most of the available space between the truck’s cab and its bed floor for stowing off-roading gear. It is possible to set up camp in the truck bed thanks to the truck bed cap’s safe protection for your goods and equipment.

Camper shells, on the other hand, are always constructed from robust and sturdy materials like aluminum or fiberglass to serve as the structure for your truck bed top. Hardcovers are one option for bed canopies; however, there are also truck bed canopies with soft tops, often crafted from waterproof and durable fabric.

Toyota Tacoma Camper Shells FAQs

Q. What’s the possible use of a bed canopy and why?

All of the equipment, supplies, and accessories you keep in the back of your pickup truck will be safe and sound under the protection of a truck bed canopy. Protecting your belongings from severe weather, exterior factors, and even burglary is made easier with a bed canopy.

Q. Is it possible to install a camper shell on a Tacoma?

Yes. Tacoma camper top installations might be specific to the brand and kind of camper you’ve purchased. There are bed canopies that don’t need any additional drilling, while others may require you to alter the rails of your truck bed.

Q. Can a Tacoma camper shell accommodate sleeping?

It is feasible to sleep inside a camper shell, provided that the contents of the truck bed are neatly arranged. Some 4×4 fans invest in drawer systems to store their extra gear and use as a bed for their sleeping pad when they go camping.

Q. It is possible to attach a roof rack over a sleeping canopy?

Yes. A rack system can be installed on top of a bed canopy, but only if the following considerations are taken into account.

The maximum weight that may be placed inside or on top of your Toyota Tacoma vehicle, including passengers and cargo. Damage and accidents might occur if the weight limit of your Taco Truck is exceeded.

There is a limit to how much weight you can put on your bed canopy, regardless of how much your Tacoma can tow. The material structure of your truck bed canopy will often determine its maximum load capacity.

Some camper tops come with pre-installed roof tracks designed to accommodate a wide variety of roof rack systems. These are the locations where, depending on your Tacoma’s camper top, you may attach various accessories to the roof rack.

Q. Any advice on how to put a camper shell on my Taco?

This off-road item may require some extra work during installation, depending on the make and model of the Tacoma bed canopy. When it comes to attaching your camper to your truck bed, you have a few options: clamps, truck bed rails, or drilling into your truck bed.

Toyota Tacoma Camper Shells: Final Thoughts

Toyota Tacoma camper shells are an excellent investment for individuals who frequently embark on camping trips. These shells offer a spacious and safe shelter that protects individuals from harsh elements such as rain, wind, and sun. They are also useful in keeping their belongings protected and out of reach of wild animals.
Additionally, the increased storage space is ideal for carrying camping gear, groceries, and other necessities. Furthermore, with their sleek and aerodynamic design, they enhance the overall appearance of any Tacoma truck. Though they may seem pricey, their durability and versatility make them an excellent long-term investment.
Overall, Toyota Tacoma camper shells are an invaluable addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear.

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