Discover the joy of Subaru Outback camping with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the benefits of camping with a Subaru Outback, the different types of camping gear available, and tips for planning the ultimate camping trip.

10 Amazing Subaru Outback Camping Ideas!

Explore the great outdoors with Subaru Outback camping. Our guide has everything you need to know about this popular form of camping, including the best places to go, equipment needed, and safety tips.

For lovers of outdoor escapades, the Subaru Outback is more than just a vehicle – it’s your ticket to unlimited adventures. This versatile 4×4 holds a reputation for being rugged, reliable, and remarkably spacious, making it a favorite for explorers. But it isn’t just the car’s performance and durability that compels outdoor enthusiasts; it’s the multitude of innovative ways you can enhance your camping experience with it. From roof tent camping to pet-friendly features, the Subaru Outback proves time and again to be an outstanding choice for camping trips.

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Subaru Outback Roof Tent Camping

Those who love a good adventure might find the idea of a Subaru Outback roof tent camping quite appealing.

By merely installing a rooftop tent on your Subaru Outback, you can turn it into a comfortable mobile campsite. A suitable and compact solution for both solo adventurers and small families, roof tents allow you to embrace the camping spirit while enjoying an elevated shelter from the ground.

The key benefit of this tent is the protection it provides against inconvenient camping aspects, such as bugs and critters.

Being elevated also helps in avoiding uneven terrain and uncomfortable sleeping conditions that ground tents usually come with. Besides, it provides the unique opportunity of sleeping under the stars while surrounded by nature in your car.

Another great advantage of roof tent camping is the way it enables additional space management.

By transferring the sleeping quarters to the roof, the inside of your Subaru Outback can be used more efficiently. It becomes an excellent storage space for essential camping equipment and personal belongings.

Roof tent camping with a Subaru Outback also allows flexibility, especially for those spontaneous camping trips.

The need for finding a perfect campsite with level ground becomes insignificant as the car and tent provide the necessary foundation. This flexibility can further enhance the overall camping experience for you.

One can find various roof tent options in the market that are suitable for the Subaru Outback.

Some come with additional features such as built-in mattresses, telescoping ladders for easy access, and even an annex room for extra sleeping or living space.

Choosing a rooftop tent also largely depends on personal preferences and needs.

So, if you are considering this amazing camping idea for your Subaru Outback, make sure to evaluate your expectations from the trip, the weather conditions, and the space you may need.

To conclude, transforming your Subaru Outback into a mobile campsite by installing a roof tent is an idea worth exploring for every outdoor enthusiast.

It not only enhances camping comfort but also adds a thrilling experience of setting up a campsite anywhere on your vehicle. By utilizing this amazing idea, your next camping trip can be the perfect blend of convenience, adventure, and fun!

A Subaru Outback equipped with a rooftop tent, offering a comfortable and elevated shelter for camping.

Bed Conversion Camping

Converting Your Subaru Outback to Comfortable Sleeping Quarters

The Subaru Outback, renowned for its expansive cargo area, can surprisingly transform into a comfy resting spot after a long day of hiking or camping. The first step is to fold down the back seats, which reveals generous space for conversion.

Building a Flat Platform

Next, you’ll need to create a flat sleeping platform. This can typically be made from a piece of strong plywood to fit the dimensions of the outback. Some Subaru enthusiasts suggest adding foldable legs to your platform for stability and raising it a bit for storage room underneath—great for stashing camping gear or food.

Adding a Mattress

After the platform is snugly fitted, a mattress can be added. Options range from custom-made foam mattresses that perfectly contour the shape of your vehicle to more budget-friendly inflatable camping mattresses. Whatever you choose, consider the thickness and density of the mattress as it could affect comfort and sleep quality. A too-thick mattress might interfere with headroom, while a too-thin one might not provide enough cushioning against the hard platform.

Consider Insulation and Ventilation

Remember, it can get cold at night, especially during late fall or early spring, so consider adding some insulation to the vehicle. This could be done by attaching insulative material under your platform or adding warm blankets. Also, ensure enough ventilation. While your Subaru is excellent at keeping the elements out, it also keeps in condensation, which can make sleeping uncomfortable. A sunroof or partly opened window covered with a bug screen could create better airflow.

Adding Window Curtains

Finally, for a more home-like ambience, consider installing heavy-duty window curtains. This not only helps to block out light for a good night’s sleep but also provides you with some much-needed privacy whilst camping in your Outback. There are a variety of curtains or blackout shades available that are custom-fit for the Subaru Outback, promising an almost install-and-forget convenience.

With a little creativity and effort, you can turn your Subaru Outback into a mini mobile home, enhancing your camping trips by affording you the luxury of a comfortable, secure sleep wherever your adventures take you.

A comfortable sleeping area inside a Subaru Outback, converted with a flat platform, mattress, insulation, ventilation, and window curtains.

Portable Solar Panels for Charging

Harnessing Solar Power for Outdoor Adventures

Enjoying Mother Nature doesn’t mean you must sacrifice the comforts of modern life. Investing in a high-quality, portable solar panel can revolutionize your Subaru Outback camping experience. An important feature of the Subaru Outback is its built-in 12V power outlet, which conveniently provides power even when the car isn’t running. This feature becomes even more valuable when you factor in a portable solar panel, providing an eco-friendly source of energy for your camping escapades.

Reliability of Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels are lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry around, which makes them a valuable asset for any camping trip. They are also amazingly durable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions, from rain to high temperatures. In other words, they are built to survive right alongside you in the great outdoors.

Charging Your Essentials

When you’re off-grid, keeping your devices charged can be a bit tricky. Thankfully, with your Subaru’s 12V power outlets and a portable solar panel, this problem can be easily solved. You can keep your essential devices like phones and laptops charged, ensuring you always have access to maps, emergency contacts, or even entertainment.

Powering Up Your Camping Luxuries

Besides device charging, portable solar panels also provide power for other camping equipment that can make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. From inflatable air mattresses to portable camping fridges, the possibilities are endless. With a capable solar panel, your Subaru Outback could become a comfortable compact campsite.

Eco-Friendly Power Source

In addition to the convenience that solar panels offer, they are also a great way to camp responsibly. They allow you to generate your own power without relying on non-renewable energy sources or creating unnecessary waste. Thus, portable solar panels can elevate your camping experience while helping maintain the beautiful outdoors.

Subaru Outback Camping

Tailgate Weather Shade

Maximize Your Subaru Outback with a Tailgate Weather Shade

Transforming your Subaru Outback into a camping retreat should ideally include the addition of a tailgate weather shade. This easily installed accessory creates an instant, weather-resistant outdoor living area that can be used for a multitude of camping activities. Its design allows you to adapt your vehicle’s tailgate into an overhead cover, thereby extending your usable space beyond the car interior.

Promote Outdoor Activities Even in Unfavorable Weather

Just because you’re camping that doesn’t mean you have to leave the comforts and conveniences of home behind. With the tailgate weather shade, you can cook, feast, play cards, engage in conversation or simply lounge comfortably, regardless of the weather. Rain or shine, your camping trip won’t be hindered as this sturdy shade will provide you the necessary cover.

Boost Privacy While Camping

There will be times when you might yearn for some privacy amidst busy camping sites. The tailgate weather shade will come in handy during such situations. It’s not just an outdoor cover but also a privacy screen. This feature proves particularly useful when you need to change clothes or simply desire to have a personal space detached from prying eyes.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Subaru Outback

The beauty of a Subaru Outback lies in its versatility and compatibility with various enhancements. A tailgate weather shade harmonizes perfectly with these attributes. It is designed to fit seamlessly with the Subaru Outback, adding functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. Once attached, it doesn’t look like an add-on but an integral part of your vehicle.

Incorporate Comfort and Convenience to Your Camping Experience

While camping is known as a minimalist hobby, modern innovations such as the tailgate weather shade are changing the face of the camping experience. These developments, while maintaining the essence of camping, introduce the benefits of comfort and convenience. Equipping your Subaru Outback with a tailgate weather shade ensures you make the most of your camping adventures, from ensuring you’re prepared for any kind of weather to providing that much-needed privacy.

Subaru Outback Camping

Portable Cooking Setup

Portable Cooking Setup: A must-have for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Subaru Outback already comes with an ample cargo space that can be utilized to its full potential when on a camping trip. A portable camping stove is one of the many essentials that can be easily stowed in your Subaru Outback. This addition to your camping gear not only allows you to enjoy hot beverages on chilly mornings but also gives you the freedom to cook substantial meals after long days of exploration.

Portability and convenience are the key focuses when it comes to outdoor cooking setups. A camping stove is generally compact and easy to carry, even for less experienced campers. It uses propane or butane canisters that are lightweight, making it an ideal accompaniment for camping. Many companies are offering such stoves with multiple burners, which means you can easily conjure up a feast for the whole family whilst you’re savoring the great outdoors.

Additionally, a foldable camping table is another handy tool for a camping chef. This allows you to have a designated space for food preparation and cooking, to store utensils, ingredients, or to simply place your hot pots or coffee mugs on. Foldable tables too come in a range of materials and sizes, and it’s essential to choose one according to your needs.

Remember that when you pack these items, you should make sure they are secured correctly and are easy to access to avoid any in-transit damage. Always carry extra fuel for your stove and maintain safety precautions while handling and using the stove.

The spontaneous addition of a portable cooking setup in your Subaru Outback can transform and enhance your outdoor camping experience. The sight of a hot pot simmering atop the stove, under the clear sky, is truly a joy to behold. Be sure to invest in these simple yet effective tools, to enjoy a memorable camping trip in your Subaru Outback.

Subaru Outback Camping

Photo by kylepyt on Unsplash

Car Fridge

Experience the Convenience of a Car Fridge

Imagine this – you’re out on a camping adventure in your Subaru Outback, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and the clear sky above. You have everything you need packed neatly in your car, allowing you to unplug from the hustle and bustle of city life. When you get peckish or need to quench your thirst, you reach out and promptly pop open a cold beverage or snack, all thanks to your car fridge.

Investing in a car fridge is a practical and smart addition to your Subaru Outback camping gear. Designed to fit comfortably within your vehicle’s backspace, a portable fridge is a luxury that will pay off exponentially during long camping trips. No more living off granola bars or cold leftovers – your camping food can now include fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, and even some gourmet treats if you’re in the mood.

Dependable Freshness, Whatever the Destination

Portable fridges provide actual refrigeration, not just insulation. This difference allows you to store a wide range of food and drinks for a longer period, unlike a regular cooler that struggles to keep its contents cold for more than a day. Whether you’re craving a refreshing soda after a long hike or need to store fresh meat for the duration of your trip, a car fridge has got you covered.

Furthermore, with the changeable power sources of today’s portable fridges, they can effortlessly run off your Subaru Outback’s battery, off a separate lithium battery, or indeed off a solar panel. This versatility ensures that even as you tread off the beaten path, you won’t need to compromise on the freshness and quality of your food.

Your Portable Kitchen on the Go

With a car fridge, your Subaru Outback can turn into a mobile kitchen. You no longer have to limit your camping menu to just hot dogs and canned beans. With a portable fridge, you can bring along fresh ingredients and condiments and cook a delightful and hearty meal right there by the campfire.

A car fridge not only broadens your culinary horizons while camping but also aids in preserving dietary constrictions and preferences. If you have dairy restrictions, specific food allergies, or are following a diet plan, a car fridge allows you to plan and control what you eat during your outdoor expeditions.

Don’t let your fear of food spoilage or wariness of lukewarm beverages keep you from packing your favorite camping food. Embrace the convenience and independence provided by a car fridge, and elevate your Subaru Outback camping experience. The rugged outdoors is calling, and now you can answer that call, well-fed and satiated.

Subaru Outback Camping

Subaru Outback Hammock Camping

Guess Who Loves Hammock Camping? Your Subaru Outback!

As lovers of the great outdoors, many Subaru Outback owners enjoy the experience of hammock camping. Just picture it, suspended between a couple of trees, enjoying the twinkling stars in the sky as the whispering wind lulls you to sleep. Luckily, there is a variety of portable hammocks that are perfect additions to your Subaru Outback camping arsenal, transforming your enriching adventures in the wild into an even more remarkable escapade.

Spontaneity is Key

Whether you are driving through tried and true camping grounds or exploring new territories, the prospect of setting up a hammock at a new spot is ever exciting. Yet, not all areas will have sturdy trees positioned just right for hanging a hammock. This is where a stand-alone hammock comes in handy. These user-friendly models allow you to set up camp wherever you desire, affording you more freedom and spontaneity during your travels.

A New Comfort Level in Camping

Hammocks take comfort to another level compared to traditional sleeping tents. Their off-the-ground setup not only provides a particularly unique and playful sleeping position but also offers a safer place away from creeping ground critters or sudden water surges. Additionally, some hammocks come equipped with bug nets for an even more protected and peaceful sleep.

Compact Yet Comfortable

Generally lightweight and compact, stand-alone hammocks are ideal for maintaining the versatility and spaciousness of your Subaru Outback. Some models even come with their own carrying cases, allowing you to tuck them away neatly after use, saving plenty of space for all your other camping gear.

Accessories and Upgrades

Accessories can enhance your hammock camping experience. For instance, hammock rain flies protect you from unexpected rain showers, while a quilted underblanket offers extra warmth for those chilly nights. It’s also not hard to find models with integrated pockets for storing your belongings nearby as you sleep.

Next time you take your Subaru Outback on a camping adventure, remember that the convenience of hammock camping is just as much a part of the freedom of being on the road. With the right hammock and associated gear, you’ll be ready for whatever nature may bring.

Subaru Outback Camping

Subaru Outback Bike Racks

Subaru Outback Bike Racks: A Must-have for Cycling Enthusiasts

The Subaru Outback is more than just an off-road performer—it’s also a reliable means to transport your biking gear. Sporty yet practical, the Outback comes equipped with roof rails that are designed to hold various mounts, including a bike rack. This offers cyclists an amazing opportunity to get their wheels to challenging outdoor trails safely and securely.

All you need to do is attach a Subaru-approved bike rack to your Outback and you’re ready to go. Subaru’s bike racks are designed specifically for their vehicles, thus ensuring a perfect fit without damaging the vehicle’s bodywork. Moreover, Subaru-approved bike racks promise sturdiness and ease of use, allowing you to focus on the road and the scenery ahead.

Also, using these bike racks is particularly useful during vehicle camping trips. During the day, you can detach and set up the bikes to ride on your favorite trails. After a long day of energetic bicycling, you can easily hoist the bikes onto the rack again and then recline in your Subaru Outback to rest for the night.

Bike racks are also a great idea if you are fond of exploring new biking trails. It doesn’t matter how far the biking path is, as long as you have your Subaru Outback and a bike rack. You can travel in comfort while your bike rides securely overhead.

Camping with the Subaru Outback: Elevating the Campsite Experience

When it’s time to call it a night after a day of biking, your Outback will readily transition into your camping spot. The roomy cargo area, comfortable seats, and advanced climate control system of the Subaru Outback allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Moreover, you have the added convenience of having your bike securely stowed away on the roof of your vehicle.

Combining cycling trips and camping with your Subaru Outback is an enticing proposition for the adventurous spirit. Having a Subaru-approved bike rack not only secures your precious biking gear but also maximizes your Outback’s potential as a camping vehicle.

To sum up, adding a bike rack to your Subaru Outback transforms it from an adventure vehicle into a complete outdoor companion. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or a camping enthusiast, this addition enhances your adventures, making every outing a more enriching experience.

Subaru Outback Camping

Photo by algifoods on Unsplash

Road Shower Kit

Road Shower Kit: All-in-one Solution

One of the fantastic camping ideas to consider for your Subaru Outback is incorporating a Road Shower Kit. This versatile accessory is essentially a mobile pressurized water reserve that you can utilize for a multitude of purposes, from personal hygiene to cleanliness on the go. Freedom from the confines of traditional facilities allows you to set up camp wherever your Outback takes you.

The road shower kit, fixed firmly to the roof rack of your vehicle, becomes a practical tool that offers conveniences of home in the midst of wilderness. Boasting an impressive capacity, this portable shower has enough volume to satisfy multiple uses. Whether it’s rinsing off after a hike, doing the dishes after a meal, or even washing off muddy boots, this gadget comes in handy for all camping situations.

What’s more, the road shower kit utilizes the sun’s energy to heat the water stored within it. Park your Subaru Outback in a sunny spot and leave the tank to do its job. The result is a supply of warm water, which can be particularly comforting when camping in colder climates.

Another salient feature of the road shower kit is its operational feasibility. It’s designed to withstand various road conditions and maintain its performance over time. Furthermore, it can be refilled easily and quickly, ensuring none of your camping activities are delayed.

Heated, plentiful, and versatile, the road shower kit turns your Subaru Outback into a self-sufficient camping vehicle. Offering comfort and convenience, it embodies the true adventurous spirit, allowing you more freedom and flexibility during your camping escapades.

Be it to maintain hygiene, stay refreshed or meet your cleaning needs – this accessory is a superb addition for your Subaru Outback camping adventures. And the best part about it is that you get warm water in the middle of nowhere, giving you the satisfaction of an essential luxury heated by nature itself.

Beyond these benefits, the road shower kit prepares your Subaru Outback for a range of outdoor activities. It ensures that, whether you’re hiking, biking, or exploring the wilderness, you can indeed take the road less traveled, reassured that your vehicle is all set for whatever adventure entails.

Subaru Outback Camping

Photo by 99films on Unsplash

Dog-friendly Subaru Outback Camping

The Subaru Outback is a fantastic camping companion, especially for those who want to bring their furry friends along. This adaptable vehicle offers ample space for you to accommodate your dog comfortably while keeping them secure throughout the journey.

Vehicle Modification: Pet Barrier

One of the first modifications to consider is installing a pet barrier. This addition ensures your dog’s safety by preventing them from roaming around while you’re driving. Subaru Outback has plenty of options for these barriers, ranging from universal models that can be adjusted based on the size of your dog to custom-made models that fit perfectly in the cargo area.

Vehicle Modification: Seat Protector

Another accessory you might want to consider is a robust seat protector. Present in a variety of styles, designs, and fabrics, these protectors will protect your Outback’s upholstery from muddy paws, sharp claws, fur, and any possible ‘accidents’. Some models even include pockets, perfect for storing toys or dog essentials.

Vehicle Modification: Portable Dog Bed

A comfortable portable dog bed is a worthy investment. With flat seats, your Outback offers plenty of room for your furry friend to stretch and relax. Choose a portable bed that will accommodate their size, is easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. And yes, they come in many colors and patterns, so you can even match it to your Outback’s interior!

Subaru’s Dog-Friendly Design

Subaru already has many dog-friendly design features that make it an excellent option for adventurous dog owners. It has an easy-access low cargo floor and wide doors making it easier for even older dogs to get in and out. The car also possesses sturdy upholstery and large windows so your dog can enjoy the view.

Having your canine companion on your camping excursions need not be stressful. With these modifications, your Outback becomes not just a vehicle but a safe, comfortable haven for your dog. Make sure your next camping trip accommodates the needs of your four-legged friend. You’ll find that a few simple modifications can make your Subaru Outback a perfect pet-friendly camping car.

Subaru Outback Camping

The Subaru Outback offers a myriad of ways to transform your camping escapades into unforgettable experiences. Its capacity for customization is as vast as the landscapes it can conquer. Embrace the allure of the star-lit skies with a cosy bed conversion or a rooftop tent, enjoy the thrill of trail biking each day, or simply bask in the comfort of a tailgate shade with a hot, fresh-cooked meal. Use solar power to keep your gadgets running, pack a hammock for a lazy afternoon, or rinse off the day’s grime with a sun-heated Road Shower. And let’s not forget the four-legged friends who also delight in an adventure. In this world of infinite landscapes and star-filled skies, your Subaru Outback is more than a vehicle – it’s a companion, geared and ready for the next great escapade.

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