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Largest Roof Cargo Box Showdown: Top 5 Picks!

Discover the largest roof cargo box for all your travel needs. Enjoy ample storage space and secure your belongings on any adventure. 

Heading out on a road trip or vacation and need extra storage? A roof cargo box is a great way to increase your vehicle’s carrying capacity. But with so many options, how do you choose the largest roof box for your needs? This guide covers the key factors to consider when selecting an oversized roof top cargo carrier.

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The Yakima Carbonite Skybox  is the best overall. The Thule+Motion+XT+XXL is also a great choice. 

Oversized roof storage boxes allow you to free up interior room and pack more gear. Large families or groups can fit all their luggage in a massive rooftop container. Campers and outdoor enthusiasts can haul bulky equipment like tents, kayaks, snowboards, etc. Maximize packing space with a colossal cargo box.

Check Your Vehicle’s Roof Load Capacity

Before selecting a gigantic roof box, confirm your vehicle’s maximum roof load capacity. Most passenger cars have limits between 100-165 lbs. Exceeding this risks damage. Measure roof load limits before choosing a heavy, oversize cargo carrier.

Consider Box Size and Weight

There are roof storage containers from 10 to 24+ cubic feet. Measure your gear to estimate needed capacity. Also consider box empty weight – large ones can be 60+ lbs. Add gear weight to prevent overloading. Low profile boxes have less capacity but are lighter.

Ensure Proper Fit on Your Vehicle

Oversized roof boxes may overhang vehicles with short roof lengths. Ensure good fitment with no rear hatch/trunk obstruction. Situate front-back position to enable rear access. Check manufacturer’s vehicle fit guidance.

Optimize Aerodynamics

Bulky cargo boxes create substantial wind drag. Look for aerodynamic shapes and curved edges to enhance airflow. Models with integrated spoilers and diffusers optimize aerodynamics. Check drag coefficients – lower numbers are better.

Choose Dual-Side Opening for Easy Access

Dual side opening lids allow access from either side of the vehicle. This enables efficient packing, organization and unloading. Roof boxes with rear access only can be inconvenient. Opt for a model with opening on both sides.

Prioritize Easy Mounting and Removal

Large cargo boxes can be heavy and unwieldy. Seek models with quick-mount click systems for simplified install and removal. Lockable mounting straps add extra roof security. Pick a box with hassle-free mounting.

Consider Price

Mega-sized roof top cargo carriers range from $300-$1000. Bigger boxes with premium features sit at the higher end. Weigh up cost vs quality and choose the best large cargo box your budget allows.

By following these tips, you can select an oversize roof box with ample capacity for all your road trip gear! Safe travels!

The Largest Roof Cargo Box: A Review of the Best and Biggest

When it comes to maximizing storage for your road trips, opting for the largest roof cargo box can provide the extra space that you need. These rooftop cargo carriers are designed to attach directly to the roof of your car, adding a significant amount of cubic feet of storage without impacting your vehicle’s interior space. They come in a range of sizes, but in this post, we’ll focus on the largest one on the market. Here are the top three largest rooftop cargo boxes: the Farad Marlin 680L, the Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite, and the Thule Motion XT XXL.

Farad Marlin 680L: For the Long Haul

The Farad Marlin 680L is a large roof box with a storage capacity of 680 liters, which is over 24 cubic feet. It’s designed for those who plan to haul a lot of luggage, golf clubs, skis, or even snowboards. The Marlin is also known for its aerodynamic design that reduces wind noise and improves fuel efficiency.

It has a built-in U-bolt mounting system that makes it easier to install and remove. Its dual-sided opening feature allows access from either side of the vehicle, which enhances the ease of use. This cargo box usually includes a locking latch for security, ensuring that your belongings are safe throughout the journey.

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Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite: Roomy and Rugged

Next on our list is the Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite, a rooftop cargo box that offers 21 cubic feet of storage. It’s regarded as one of the best rooftop cargo boxes on the market, thanks to its durability and aerodynamic rooftop design that minimizes drag and wind noise.

The SkyBox is made from carbonite material, which contributes to its durability and robustness. It can hold up as well in terms of durability as any hard-shell cargo box and is capable of carrying up to 18 cubic feet of gear, including skis up to 215 cm long.

What makes it stand out is its dual-sided opening for easy access and its quick-installation hardware that fits car rack systems with round, square, factory, and aerodynamic crossbars. Plus, its SuperLatch security ensures your lid is secure to its base and your gear is safe.

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Thule Motion XT XXL: Extra-Large Efficiency

The Thule Motion XT XXL is often considered the best overall rooftop cargo box due to its size, aerodynamic shape, and user-friendly design. It provides 22 cubic feet of storage and has a dynamic load limit of 165 pounds.

The Motion XT XXL has an optimized design for best space efficiency, aerodynamics, and vehicle fit. It’s easy to mount thanks to the extra-wide PowerClick quick-mount system, and the integrated torque indicator “clicks” when it’s properly mounted, ensuring fast and secure fitting.

It also has a dual-sided opening for easy access to all areas of the box, from either side of the car. The Thule Motion XT XXL is perfect for large SUVs and wagons, and can carry a wide range of gear, from luggage to skis and snowboards.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the largest roof cargo box depends on your specific needs, including rooftop storage capacity, ease of use, and the weight limit your vehicle can handle. The Farad Marlin 680L, Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite, and Thule Motion XT XXL are all excellent options, each offering their unique features and benefits.

Remember, when choosing a cargo box, consider the weight and size of the items you plan to haul, as well as the dimensions and weight capacity of your roof rack. So whether you’re planning a ski trip or a family holiday, these cargo boxes will give you that much-needed extra space.

Largest Roof Cargo Box: FAQs

Q. What is the largest roof cargo box available on the market?

The largest roof cargo box available on the market is the Thule Motion XT XXL. It offers a whopping 22 cubic feet of storage space. This makes it the largest one on the market, outpacing most other cargo boxes on the market.

Q. How does the Thule Motion XT XXL compare to the Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite?

Both the Thule Motion XT XXL and the Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite are top contenders for the best rooftop cargo boxes with large storage capacity. While the Thule model provides 22 cubic feet, the Yakima offers 21 cubic feet of storage. Both feature an aerodynamic rooftop design and are built for superior ease of use, but the Yakima model comes at about a third of the price of the Thule variant.

Q. What are the specific features of the Thule Motion XT XXL?

The Thule Motion XT XXL is known for its superior storage capacity, ease of installation, and aerodynamic shape. It comes in four sizes: cargo bag, 18 cubic feet, 22 cubic feet, and the largest being the XT XXL. One of its unique features includes a PowerClick mounting system that ensures a quick and secure fit to your vehicle’s roof rack.

Q. How to determine the weight capacity of my roof cargo box?

The weight capacity of a roof cargo box, or weight limit, is determined by the manufacturer and is usually listed in the product specifications. Most cargo boxes have a weight limit anywhere between 75 and 165 pounds. However, always consider the weight of your roof rack and the dynamic load limit of your vehicle’s rooftop before loading the cargo box.

Q. Will a large roof cargo box fit on any car?

large roof cargo box like the Thule Motion XT XXL or the Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite will not fit on every car. It’s necessary to ensure that the roof of your car and <

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