Fiat 500 Roof Box Adventure: Upgrade your travel game with our Fiat 500 roof box – a stylish solution for more cargo space!

Best Fiat 500 Roof Box 2024

Are you tired of cramming all your belongings into your tiny Fiat 500? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you – the Fiat 500 Roof Box!

With its sleek design and spacious interior, this roof box is the ultimate accessory for any adventure. Whether you’re heading to the beach, going on a road trip, or simply needing extra storage space, the Fiat 500 Roof Box has got you covered.

It easily attaches to your car’s roof rack and provides ample room for all your gear. Plus, it’s durable and weather-resistant, so you can trust it to protect your belongings no matter the conditions.

Say goodbye to cramped car rides and hello to endless possibilities with the Fiat 500 Roof Box.

Key Takeaways

  • The SPORTRACK SR7095 Skyline XL Cargo Box is made of high-density material for stability and protection and features easy access and secure installation.
  • The DNA MOTORING Roof Top Cargo Box is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic with a smooth surface finish and can only be attached to vehicles with roof rails.
  • The JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier has a high-capacity interior, an aerodynamic design, and is made in the USA with a limited lifetime guarantee.
  • The Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box (large) and Thule Pulse Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box offer spacious packing space, fast and secure fitting, and rugged durability.

Fiat 500 Roof Box Overview

Let’s take a look at some popular roof boxes that are compatible with the Fiat 500.

The SPORTRACK SR7095 Skyline XL Cargo Box offers ample storage space.

The DNA MOTORING Roof Top Cargo Box is known for its sturdy build.

The JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier is another reliable option.

The Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box, available in both large and alpine sizes, provides excellent aerodynamics.

SPORTRACK SR7095 Skyline XL Cargo Box

spacious rooftop cargo box

We found that the SPORTRACK SR7095 Skyline XL Cargo Box for the Fiat 500 roof is a durable and spacious option for those in need of extra storage. This cargo box is made of high-density material, providing added stability and protection for your belongings. It features a passenger side opening, allowing for easy access away from traffic. The box is also easy to attach to and remove from the vehicle, making it convenient for both short and long trips. The included locks provide added security for your items. Additionally, the U-bolt mounting hardware kit ensures a secure installation on most vehicles with roof racks rated at 150 lbs.

Product Specs:

  • Material: High-density
  • Opening: Passenger side
  • Mounting: U-bolt hardware kit
  • Weight capacity: 150 lbs


  • Durable and spacious
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Secure locks for added security
  • Compatible with most vehicles
  • High weight capacity


  • Assembly required
  • Complaints about cheap plastic material
  • Latch issues due to plastic warping
  • Some incidents of the box almost flying open during use
  • Expensive pricing from third-party sellers

DNA MOTORING Roof Top Cargo Box

spacious rooftop cargo storage

The DNA MOTORING Roof Top Cargo Box for the Fiat 500 roof provides ample storage capacity and attaches securely to vehicles with roof rails. This cargo box is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic with a smooth surface finish, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. The lightweight aluminum cross bars provide strong support and allow the box to open from the side and stay open until closed. With overall dimensions of 67′ L x 30′ W x 13′ H, it offers plenty of space for storing various items during your travels. Please note that this cargo box is designed to fit vehicles with roofs up to 135cm wide and can only be attached to vehicles with roof rails.

  • Product Specs:
  • Manufacturer: DNA MOTORING
  • Model: PT-ZTL-8139-BK
  • Item Weight: 54.9 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 68.25′ x 32.5′ x 12.75′ inches
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Exterior: Powdercoated
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PT-ZTL-8139-BK
  • Position: Top
  • Pros:
  • Ample storage capacity
  • Secure attachment to vehicles with roof rails
  • Durable construction with heavy-duty ABS plastic
  • Lightweight aluminum cross bars
  • Side opening feature for easy access
  • Cons:
  • Mounting u-bolts may be too long for some vehicles
  • Lack of a rubber seal on the lid
  • Some complaints about latches not working properly and stripped screws on the rails

JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier

spacious rooftop cargo carrier

The JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier for the Fiat 500 roof provides secure and spacious storage for all your travel needs. This cargo carrier is designed with a high-capacity interior, allowing you to securely store and protect your gear while on the go. Its aerodynamic design not only provides fuel efficiency but also ensures easy loading and unloading.

The four corner locking system, front latch, and weather-tight seal guarantee the safety and security of your belongings. With its easy assembly and installation, you can quickly set up the cargo carrier without the need for any tools. Made in the USA with a limited lifetime guarantee, the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier is a reliable and durable option for your Fiat 500.

Product Specs:

  • Item Weight: 25 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 47.5 x 28 x 12.5 inches
  • Capacity: 10 cubic ft
  • Weight Capacity: 110 lbs


  • Secure and protect your gear
  • Aerodynamic design for fuel efficiency
  • Easy and convenient loading and unloading
  • Made in the USA with a limited lifetime guarantee


  • None mentioned in the background information.

Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box, Large

spacious thule rooftop cargo box

After researching various options, we found the Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box, Large, to be a practical and spacious choice for the Fiat 500 roof box. With its external dimensions of 76 x 33 x 16.5 inches and internal dimensions of 71.25 x 31 x 14.5 inches, it offers 16 cubic feet of packing space. This cargo box can accommodate 4-6 ski pairs or 3-4 snowboards, making it perfect for winter trips.

It features the FastGrip mounting system, ensuring a fast and secure fitting with a minimum bar spread of 23 5/8 inches or 600mm. The passenger-side opening and central locking system provide maximum safety and easy access. Additionally, the Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box includes a side pocket with a colored ID card and an external stash pocket for smaller items.

Product Specs:

  • External Dimensions: 76 x 33 x 16.5 inches
  • Internal Dimensions: 71.25 x 31 x 14.5 inches
  • Height Off Crossbar: 15 inches
  • 16 cubic feet of packing space
  • Fits 4-6 ski pairs / 3-4 Snowboards
  • FastGrip mounting system with minimum bar spread of 23 5/8 or 600mm
  • Passenger-side opening with central locking system
  • Load capacity: 110 pounds
  • Product weight: 36 pounds


  • Rugged and durable design for protection
  • Fast and secure fitting
  • Maximum safety with central locking system
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Quick access to smaller items
  • Included 4 bags for additional storage


  • None mentioned in the background information

Thule Pulse Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box

rooftop cargo box for thule pulse alpine

We highly recommend the Thule Pulse Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box for the Fiat 500 roof box due to its spaciousness and durable design. With 11 cubic feet of additional packing space, this cargo box can easily accommodate two sets of skis and poles, as well as other bulky items. The box features a rugged and durable construction, allowing it to withstand high speeds of 100+ mph without any flutter or shaking. The FastGrip quick-mount system ensures easy installation and removal, while the passenger-side opening allows for convenient loading and unloading. The Thule Pulse Alpine also comes equipped with a central locking system for maximum safety and a Thule Comfort Key that can only be removed when all locking points are securely closed.

Product Specs:

  • Provides 11 cubic feet of additional packing space
  • Rugged and durable design
  • FastGrip quick-mount system
  • Passenger-side opening
  • Central Locking system
  • Thule Comfort Key


  • Holds two sets of skis and poles and other bulky items
  • Slimline design with no noticeable decrease in MPG
  • Can handle speeds of 100+ mph without flutter or shaking
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Durable and weatherproof


  • Latching mechanism can be difficult to use and require proper packing
  • Some users experienced issues with the lock and latch mechanism
  • Cheap ABS plastic material

Buyers Guide for Fiat 500 Roof Box

Let’s now dive into the important points to consider when buying a Fiat 500 roof box.

First, we need to look at the size and capacity, ensuring it can accommodate your storage needs.

Next, we’ll discuss installation and compatibility, ensuring it fits securely on your Fiat 500.

Lastly, we’ll explore the durability and weather resistance, as well as the price and value, to help you make an informed decision.

Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of a Fiat 500 roof box greatly impact its functionality and suitability for various travel needs. When considering a roof box for your Fiat 500, it’s essential to keep these factors in mind. Here are four key considerations:

  1. Size comparison: The dimensions of the roof box should align with the available roof space on your Fiat 500. Measure the roof area carefully to ensure a proper fit.
  2. Weight limitations: Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the maximum weight the roof box can carry. Exceeding this limit can affect the vehicle’s stability and handling.
  3. Space-saving design: Look for a roof box that maximizes storage capacity while minimizing its overall footprint. This design allows you to carry more gear without sacrificing aerodynamics or fuel efficiency.
  4. Ease of installation: Consider a roof box that’s easy to install and remove, ensuring a hassle-free experience when loading and unloading your belongings.

Installation and Compatibility

When it comes to installing a Fiat 500 roof box and ensuring compatibility, it’s important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

To start, make sure your Fiat 500 has a roof rack installed, as the roof box will need to be attached to it. Check the compatibility of the roof rack with the specific roof box you’re planning to purchase. Some roof boxes may require specific mounting systems or adapters.

Additionally, consider the weight capacity of your roof rack and the roof box itself. It’s crucial to not exceed the weight limits, as this can compromise the safety and stability of your vehicle.

Finally, here are a few installation tips: Make sure the roof box is securely fastened, distribute the weight evenly, and double-check all connections before hitting the road.

Durability and Weather Resistance

For our Fiat 500 roof box, we prioritize durability and weather resistance in order to ensure a reliable and long-lasting product. Here are four key features that contribute to the durability and weather resistance of our roof box:

  1. Durability Testing: Our roof box undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the harshest conditions. We subject it to impact tests, simulating real-world scenarios, to ensure it can handle any bumps or impacts during transportation.
  2. Impact Resistance: The roof box is made from high-quality materials that are designed to be impact-resistant. This means it can withstand accidental bumps or knocks without getting damaged, keeping your belongings safe and secure.
  3. Waterproofing Technology: Our roof box features advanced waterproofing technology that keeps your belongings dry even in rainy conditions. The box is designed to seal tightly, preventing any water from leaking in and damaging your items.
  4. Long-lasting Construction: We use durable materials and employ expert craftsmanship to ensure the roof box lasts for years to come. It’s built to withstand the elements and maintain its functionality, providing you with a reliable storage solution for all your adventures.

Price and Value

To determine the price and value of the Fiat 500 roof box, we consider various factors that contribute to its overall worth. When it comes to price comparison, it’s essential to compare different brands and models to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Additionally, customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality and performance of the roof box. Reading about other buyers’ experiences can help you make an informed decision.

Another crucial factor to consider is the warranty coverage. A roof box with a comprehensive warranty can give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected against any potential defects or issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Maximum Weight Capacity of the Fiat 500 Roof Box?

The maximum weight capacity of the Fiat 500 roof box is a crucial consideration. When installing on other cars, it is important to ensure that the weight limit is not exceeded to maintain the warranty or guarantee.

Can the Fiat 500 Roof Box Be Installed on Other Car Models or Is It Specifically Designed for the Fiat 500?

Yes, the Fiat 500 roof box can be installed on other car models. It offers the benefit of additional storage space, which is especially useful for small cars. When comparing different roof box models, consider their compatibility with your specific car model.

Does the Fiat 500 Roof Box Come With a Warranty or Guarantee?

The Fiat 500 Roof Box comes with a warranty. It is designed specifically for the Fiat 500 and has a weight capacity of [insert weight capacity]. Installation compatibility may vary with other car models.

Are There Any Specific Instructions or Precautions for Using the Fiat 500 Roof Box During Different Weather Conditions?

During windy conditions, it’s crucial to properly secure the Fiat 500 roof box to prevent it from shifting or coming loose. In extreme weather, regular maintenance is important to ensure the box remains in good condition. Recommended driving speeds may vary depending on the weather conditions.

Can the Fiat 500 Roof Box Be Easily Removed and Stored When Not in Use?

Yes, the Fiat 500 Roof Box can be easily removed and stored when not in use. We offer various storage options, and the installation process is simple. It is also compatible with other car models.

Final Thoughts

In our concluding thoughts, the Fiat 500 Roof Box provides a practical and stylish solution for additional storage space on your Fiat 500.

With its compact design and easy installation, it offers convenience and versatility for all your travel needs.

Whether you’re heading out on a road trip or simply need extra room for your belongings, the Fiat 500 Roof Box is an excellent accessory to enhance your driving experience.

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