Sienna cargo carriers & roof racks take snowboards, bags, & kayaks out of the rear. Vehicle-specific Toyota Sienna roof racks are easy to install.

5 Best Roof Box For Toyota Sienna

You have come to the right place if you are in need of information regarding a roof box for Toyota Sienna. You probably bought a Toyota Sienna with full confidence in its cabin size. You figured there would be enough space in the future when you needed it. You and your family or group of friends decided to take a road trip in your Toyota Sienna, but you quickly realized that there wasn’t enough space for all of your belongings. Then, this piece will illuminate the steps you may take to rectify the uncomfortable scenario.

A roof box provides extra storage space within your vehicle, making it ideal for transporting sporting equipment, camping gear, and other items for a group road trip. This means you may bring along everything essential for a holiday that is both relaxing and enjoyable.

There are several types of roof boxes available for various uses, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the basics before purchasing one. We have written an essay outlining the many benefits of using a roof box, and you should read it before making any decisions on whether or not to purchase a roof box.

Details on five different roof box for Toyota Sienna cargo bins are provided below. You can stop looking for a different one because these fit your Toyota Sienna like a glove.

In most cases, the Toyota Sienna will already have roof rails installed. All models starting with a ’98 license plate are included in this. If you’ve recently found yourself in need of automobile storage solutions, you can stop worrying about this one.

The Siennas have a weight capacity of 220 kg for cargo carried on the roof. The total weight of the rack and any rail attachments, plus the weight of the items you intend to transport, should be calculated before making a purchase.

Investing in a large roof box bor Toyota Sienna only to discover you can fit a handful of items inside is a waste of money. You also don’t want to put too much strain on your Sienna’s roof and cause damage.

Our Picks Of Best Roof Box For Toyota Sienna

Best Roof Box For Toyota Sienna

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Our ratings


Yakima Carbonite Skybox

Our ratings


SportRackHorizon XL Cargo Box

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Inno Shadow 16 Cargo Box

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Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

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#1 Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo Carrier

Best Roof Box For Toyota SiennaThis roof-mounted storage unit is unrivaled in its aerodynamic efficiency, spacious interior, and sleek exterior design.

It weighs only 55 pounds, has a 610L capacity (or 22 cubic feet), and comes in two colors, allowing it to carry everything you and your family might possibly need.

If you wish to travel light, though, a 16- or 18-cubic-foot form of the box will be much more appropriate.

The convenient side zipper opens in both directions for maximum convenience. The box’s integrated torque indicator creates a distinct snapping sound when the bolts are tight enough.

The Slidelock system will lock the lid while the box is closed, and it won’t get in the way when you need to open the back door. This is a great choice because it is sturdy, attractive, and simple to operate.

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#2 Yakima Carbonite Skybox

Additionally, Yakima is a well-known American manufacturer of camping gear. Both Yakima and Thule have made a reputation for themselves in the industry due to the high quality of their products and the excellent support they provide to their clientele.

Both of these manufacturers provide quality roof boxes that will fit a Toyota Sienna.

The Yakima carbonite Skybox is bigger on the outside but less roomy on the inside than the Thule Motion cargo box. You can bring along 75 kg of luggage thanks to the 21 cubic feet of storage space within. It may be mounted either frontward or backward on the crossbars, and it is compatible with the majority of factory roof racks. The roof box will not block your hatchback’s opening thanks to the adaptable mounting mechanism.

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#3 SportRackHorizon XL Cargo Box

Despite its less-than-stellar aesthetic, the ABS construction ensures that it is completely waterproof as well as strong and reliable. The sleek, jet-black hue looks good on a wide range of automobiles. Its aerodynamic design reduces wind noise as an added bonus.

This SportRack Horizon XL cargo box, like the others discussed here, comes with all the bells and whistles you need to transport your stuff safely and securely, with no effort or fuss.

With its spacious interior, you can bring along anywhere from three to six sets of skis or four snowboards, doubling the amount of winter sports fun you can have.

A quick-release connection kit makes setup and breakdown a breeze, and it’s compatible with most OEM rack setups.

The SportRack Horizon roof box comes in three sizes: Alpine, L, and XL.

The 11 cu. ft., 16 cu. ft., and 17 cu. ft. models all have various storage capabilities. There are two different sizes of Toyota Sienna available; if your family is tiny, the smaller one will suffice.

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#4 Inno Shadow 16 Cargo Box

Your Toyota Sienna is compatible with the extensive lineup of cargo boxes made by Inno Company. The Inno Shadow roof box has received a lot of praise from customers.

It weighs 42 pounds, has a volume of 13 cubic feet inside, and is constructed from three layers of ABS. It is compatible with a wide variety of rack and crossbar combinations, both stock and aftermarket. You can put it up neatly and take it with you wherever since you can access it from any size.

You can buy it with confidence knowing that Inno backs it with a five-year guarantee and excellent after-sale support.

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#5 Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

It’s another roof box, this time for your Toyota Sienna, although it’s not that large. You can’t go wrong with a Thule Force XT trunk for a modest household. Even though your Toyota Sienna has plenty of storage capacity, you might want to bring some additional bags along for a long journey or a camping vacation. The 11 cubic feet of storage space inside, however, will accommodate bags weighing up to 165 pounds.

As an added bonus, it comes with a quick-mount mechanism that makes a CLICKing noise to let you know when the cargo box is properly attached. It’s possible for both sides to be accessible.

Once it’s in place, you’ll see that it’s angled slightly forward. Therefore, there is no obstruction of either the hatch or the forward view from the cargo area.
It’s portable, weighing in at just 32 pounds, and requires no tools for assembly. Having a soft grip on the grab handle makes the whole experience much more pleasurable and controllable.

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How to Choose the Right Roof Box For Toyota Sienna

Type of Storage:

What do you want to carry? Skis require a “long and slender” form, which is more costly. If you require more storage for family camping excursions or short golf getaways, a “short and stumpy” variant may be less expensive. All of the “long and slender” versions we examined can accommodate even the tallest skiers. First, pick between “short and stumpy” or “long and slim.”

All the cargo boxes in this evaluation are hard-sided, although you may prefer a soft roof bag. Roof bags are less costly but less durable than boxes, making them a good solution for travelers with occasional rooftop storage needs. Roof bags are good for camping and baggage but not ski gear.

Gas mileage: 

Our crew noticed no influence on gas mileage or vehicle handling with many automobiles and drivers in town and on the highway. In severe winds and on rocky roads, we never heard our roof boxes. You may select the best box depending on its daily usability.

Frequency of Use:

After selecting a cargo bag and between “short and stumpy” and “long and lean” boxes, consider how often you’ll use your cargo box. If you plan to leave it installed for months (or years), mounting ease won’t matter. Cargo boxes aren’t supposed to be driven empty, especially at high speeds; therefore remove it when not in use. The simplicity of mounting will affect your pleasure of the product if you park in a garage that doesn’t fit a roof box. If mounting is a one-time issue, focus on box opening and closing. In this scenario, look at the handles and choose one with an ergonomic shape that makes accessing your items easy.


We judged the “long and slender” boxes in our study solely on their features, not their storage capacity. Some of these boxes come in a range of sizes, while others arrive as-is. Choose the box that’s perfect for you and then check out its size alternatives. Every “long and lean” model we examined came in at least two sizes, and the manufacturer’s maximum ski length recommendations were correct.

Vehicle Compatibility:

Depending on your vehicle’s size and kind, various crates may fit better. If you drive a tiny car or hatchback, verify the manufacturer’s suggestions. Smaller boxes were hard to access on huge automobiles; thus we propose “short and stumpy” boxes for little cars. All the boxes we tested featured universal installation techniques that allowed them to be placed on any crossbar.

Final Thoughts

Now, not only do you have our recommended items, but you also have an idea of how we arrived at that conclusion.

The benefits of a cargo box are obvious, but we hope that our list of considerations will help you decide if this particular box is the best fit for your needs.

Since there are a plethora of options, selecting a cargo box may be challenging. It’s important to consider how much your luggage will weigh on your journey. We must also take into account the weight of the package. There must be a high level of safety and resistance to the elements.

In closing, we hope you’ve found this post informative and that it’s aided you in your search for the best cargo box for your Toyota Sienna.

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