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Best Dodge Challenger Roof Rack: 2024 Ultimate Guide

Discover the perfect high-performance Dodge Challenger roof racks and effortlessly transport your gear and equipment.

The Dodge Challenger is a highly commendable automobile. This is a high-performance vehicle with impressive speed and muscular design. The Dodge Challenger appears to possess all desirable features except for ample storage capacity. This two-door performance vehicle is designed for high-speed driving. However, it is not designed for transporting heavy loads over long distances or navigating through rugged off-road environments. The utilization of a Dodge Challenger roof rack enables the augmentation of your vehicle’s storage capacity. 

The vehicle’s trunk capacity is limited, and due to its two-door coupe design, the cabin is not suitable for storing items with irregular shapes.

As a Dodge Challenger owner, there are several compelling reasons to consider acquiring a roof rack for your automobile. When there is a need to transport a significant amount of gear, it is advisable to contemplate acquiring a high-quality roof rack system for the vehicle.

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The Yakima Jetstream Bar Aerodynamic Crossbars are the best overall. The Thule Aeroblade Edge Rail Load Bar is also a great choice. 

A luggage rack or roof rack enables one to securely fasten cargo onto their vehicle during transportation. This technique is applicable for SUVs, trucks, and cars. This feature facilitates an increase in the carrying capacity of your Dodge Challenger.

The supplementary luggage rack facilitates the optimization of interior space within the vehicle. There are several roof rack models that are appropriate for the Dodge Challenger. There are universal and custom fit racks available for all vehicle makes and models in the market.

There is a wide variety of roof racks available in the market that can be utilized on the Dodge Challenger. These options are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for the vehicle. Furthermore, it is possible to acquire crossbars for your Challenger. The crossbars present a low-profile configuration and deliver sufficient stability.

The installation of these roof racks is made easy as they are accompanied by instructions. Roof racks that can be conveniently clamped onto your vehicle are readily available in the market. The racks can be detached from the vehicle and stored appropriately if they are not required.

A significant advantage of roof racks is their potential for increased capacity. By utilizing cargo nets, cargo baskets, and rack carriers, it is possible to conveniently augment the cargo capacity of your Dodge Challenger. These are supplementary attachments for roof racks that can be utilized to expand the storage capacity for transporting additional gear.

The roof rack facilitates the transportation of sports equipment, holiday luggage, camping items, winter gear, and other similar items. This is accomplished by utilizing a basket or carrier that is affixed to the roof of the vehicle.

For an added layer of protection for your belongings, you may opt to utilize rooftop or cargo bags for storage purposes.

Best Dodge Challenger Roof Rack: 2023 Ultimate Guide

Find the Perfect Roof Rack for Your Dodge Challenger

While the Dodge Challenger is not designed with built-in roof rails, there are several aftermarket roof rack systems that can be easily installed on your vehicle. Two of the most popular brands for roof racks are Yakima and Thule, both offering sturdy and reliable solutions. These custom roof rack systems usually consist of a base, crossbars, and various optional accessories like bike racks, cargo boxes, and snowboard racks.

Base and Crossbar Systems

The base of the roof rack is essentially what attaches to your Dodge Challenger’s roof, providing a sturdy foundation for the crossbars and accessories. Both Yakima and Thule offer custom-fit bases designed specifically for the Dodge Challenger, ensuring a secure and stable fit.

Crossbars are the horizontal bars that connect to the base, providing the platform for mounting various accessories. The Yakima and Thule crossbar systems are made from durable materials, such as aluminum, and are designed to be easy to install and use. They are also available in different styles and lengths, allowing you to choose the perfect setup for your needs.

Installation of Your Dodge Challenger Roof Rack

Installing a roof rack on your Dodge Challenger is a relatively straightforward process. However, we recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines and seeking professional help if you are not confident in your DIY skills. Here’s a general overview of the installation process:

  1. Carefully clean your car’s roof to ensure a proper fit and prevent any damage to the paint.
  2. Install the custom-fit base according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually involves attaching the base to specific points on your vehicle’s roof using a combination of clamps, brackets, and bolts.
  3. Attach the crossbars to the base, making sure they are evenly spaced and properly secured.
  4. Finally, tighten all the bolts and clamps, double-checking that everything is secure.

Accessories to Enhance Your Dodge Challenger Roof Rack

Once you have your roof rack system installed, you can start adding various accessories to make the most of your new cargo-carrying solution. Some popular options include:

  • Bike Racks: For bicycle enthusiasts, a bike rack is a must-have accessory. Both Yakima and Thule offer a variety of bike racks, including fork-mount, wheel-mount, and frame-mount options, to securely transport your bikes.
  • Cargo Boxes: If you need additional storage space for luggage or gear, a cargo box is an excellent accessory. These sturdy containers can be easily mounted to the crossbars, offering a safe and weatherproof storage solution.
  • Ski and Snowboard Racks: For winter sports enthusiasts, ski and snowboard racks are essential. These racks come in various designs, including vertical and horizontal options, to securely transport your winter gear.
  • Carrier Baskets: For those who prefer an open storage solution, carrier baskets are a versatile option. They can be easily mounted to the crossbars and are ideal for carrying items like camping gear, coolers, or even spare tires.

Dodge Challenger Roof Rack Review

1. Yakima Jetstream Bar Aerodynamic Crossbars

This roof rack stands out as the best option for your Dodge Challenger. The Yakima Jetstream is a popular choice among those looking for a roof rack for their Dodge Challenger coupe.

These bars have an effortlessly maneuverable roof rack system with an aerodynamic design. The roof rack system is extremely sturdy, having been fabricated from a stiff material with a robust framework. The Yakima Jetstream is a series of aluminum tubes joined together to form a thick cross section. This indicates that there is sufficient reinforcement to withstand any load. Yakima, an Oregon-based company, has created a stylish and lightweight set of bars called the JetStream.

The JetStream’s crossbars are aerodynamically designed to improve air movement. The end result is a robust and silent roof rack system.

Yakima has designed the JetStream so that it can be set up quickly and with minimal effort. T-slot rubber infilling makes mounting simple and guarantees unobstructed airflow. It also has many high-gloss polymer end caps to finish off its stylish design.

The aerodynamic Yakima JetStream crossbars pair well with a wide variety of the brand’s other offerings. It is compatible with other brands of roof racks.

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2. Thule Aeroblade Edge Rail Load Bar

The Thule AeroBlade Edge is a raised bar with aerodynamic improvements; the firm behind it was established in 1942. Thule, founded in Sweden in 1952, is the industry pioneer and manufacturer of an excellent roof rack for your Dodge Challenger. Here, the AeroBlade Edge, which features a raised edge, is one of the top Dodge Challenger roof rack options available.

The AeroBlade Edge looks and feels great, and the name of the company is featured prominently. The product comes in a high-quality glossy black coating. Strong clamps at each end allow it to be attached to the car’s roof rails. Thule’s end clamp is a high-tech locking mechanism that keeps it firmly attached to the roof rack.

The AeroBlade Edge, crafted from aluminum, is a cutting-edge and widely used roof rack. The Swedish roof rack manufacturer has been at the forefront of innovation for many years, and it shows in their high-quality rack system. The crossbar is sleek and slightly curved to create the ideal attachment points to the car’s existing rails.

This innovative roof rack solution has not been seen before. It’s one of the first full rack systems to feature a sleek, low-profile design that nevertheless has exceptional load-bearing capability. The Thule AeroBlade Edge is the only aftermarket rack system to accomplish this.

Unfortunately, the Thule AeroBlade Edge requires the purchase of two separate bars in order to fit a Dodge Challenger. Many modern vehicles feature curved or rounded roofs, so this is a must-have feature. This necessitates the availability of load bars of varying sizes.

The One-Key system, an ingenious locking mechanism, is also prominently featured on the Thule AeroBlade Edge. This locking mechanism makes it simple to fasten the Thule AeroBlade Edge to the top of your Challenger. The product is available in two colors—black and aluminum—so that buyers can pick the one that best suits their tastes.

The AeroBlade Edge also has cutting-edge technology in the form of a wind diffuser. This cutting-edge innovation works by distorting the flow of air, which in turn decreases drag and muffles noise. The fuel efficiency of the Dodge Challenger benefits from this modification. The Trail Edge design is included in the roof rack to further improve its aerodynamics. This is an additional aerodynamic drag reduction function of the roof rack. Clean air is isolated from the bar, allowing this to happen.

The AcuTight Tensioning Installation Tool is included with every purchase of an AeroBlade Edge. When the rack is securely fastened to your Dodge Challenger, you can use this device to ensure your safety.

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3. Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Crossbar

The Vortex is an optional yet useful roof rack device for the two-door Dodge Challenger. The Vortex includes a roof rack product of exceptional quality and innovation from an Australian manufacturer. Its low, entry-level cost is a pleasant surprise. The Vortex has some of the same essential characteristics as premium roof rack systems like the Thule AeroBlade Edge and the Yakima HD Bar.

Typically, the Rhino-Rack Vortex will be delivered in silver. Glass-filled nylon, of which the product is constructed, is another strength factor. However, it’s not a common choice for rooftop cargo racks. This alone attests to its usefulness and effectiveness. The material may be fine for average journeys, but it may easily break down in severe weather. However, the Vortex is still a respectable Challenger roof rack option.

The Vortex comes in two understated color options: silver and black. For added convenience, the roof rack system comes in seven different lengths that may be easily adapted to fit a wide range of automobiles. The VGS rubber strip is also used in the construction of the Vortex feature bars. The purpose of this is to lessen resistance and wind noise. The rubber strip serves a dual purpose of cushioning the weight and shielding the racks. Typically, end caps are included with all Vortex crossbars.

The Vortex’s sleek and aerodynamic design improves the drag coefficient of roof cargo. The aerodynamic shape prevents the load from stifling the vehicle’s speed. To further improve its aerodynamics, the crossbars are elliptical and have a low profile.

Rhino Rack’s Vortex roof racks make it easy to throw your bike on top of your Challenger and hit the road. The Vortex’s ability to go beyond the confines of your roof is one of its many excellent features. They are full-length crossbars, so they will go over your car’s roof. This allows the roof rack system to carry as many extras as possible.

Although it is Rhino-Rack’s entry-level roof rack, the Vortex’s exceptional qualities make it a competitive choice as a Dodge Challenger roof rack.

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4. INNO AeroBase XS201 Roof Rack

If you’re shopping for a roof rack for your Dodge Challenger, you should definitely take a look at INNO’s AeroBase XS201. An inventive Japanese manufacturer is responsible for this roof rack solution. It offers a premium roof rack at a reasonable price.

When compared to the AeroBlade Edge and the HD Bar, the AeroBase XS201’s sleek and tidy design falls short. This roof rack arrangement, on the other hand, is effective. It lets you put things on top of your Dodge Challenger, giving you more room inside the car.

A detachable end cap hides the mounting mechanism, and the included key can lock it in place.

The AeroBase XS201 has a slim and low profile that improves its aerodynamic performance. This choice consistently provides the smoothest and most flush finish. The racks’ low profiles mean less wind resistance and noise. Your Dodge Challenger will be quieter on the road and more efficient as a result.

It’s safe to assume that this option will serve you well on your Dodge Challenger, as it is among the most recommended roof rack systems for that model. This lightweight roof rack system weighs only approximately 8.5 pounds but can carry up to 165 pounds.

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5. Yakima HD Bar

If you are seeking a high-quality roof rack for your Dodge Challenger, consider the Yakima HD Bar. The HD Bar is a robust crossbar offering from the roof rack manufacturer based in Oregon.

This particular option includes a set of straight crossbars that exhibit a distinctive and stylish appearance. The Yakima heavy-duty crossbar facilitates the secure fastening of substantial loads onto your Dodge Challenger. This product is a reliable choice due to its lightweight design, customizable features, and exceptional strength.

The HD Bar from Yakima is an excellent option for securing your gear onto your Dodge Challenger. The product boasts robust end caps that come equipped with integrated tie-down points. This facilitates the safe securing of the load onto your vehicle.

Similar to other high-quality products manufactured by roof rack producers based in Oregon, this system can be effortlessly installed onto your Dodge Challenger. The product features a streamlined installation procedure. The streamlined installation process is facilitated by the pre-assembled T-slots located at both the top and bottom of the bars. This feature facilitates a streamlined process for seamlessly and expeditiously integrating gear mounts.

The Yakima HD Bar has been engineered and constructed with a focus on longevity and sturdiness. This product is one of the most robust crossbars offered by the company. The product is equipped with a durable finish that has been reinforced with a black powder coating.

The HD Bar is an ideal roof rack system for tents, with excellent application capabilities. This implies that you can securely transport your camping equipment with confidence.

The HD Bar is a widely recognized premium roof rack crossbar system on the market. A significant number of Dodge Challenger owners recognize the worth of premium roof bars and choose to acquire them irrespective of their cost.

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6. Thule Wing Bar Evo

The Thule Wingbar Evo is a highly recommended roof rack option for your Dodge Challenger. The product boasts a sleek and visually appealing design that can be effortlessly mounted onto the Dodge Challenger. The roof rack system is equipped with high-quality materials and boasts an exceptional finish.

The Thule Wingbar Evo is a top-notch aerodynamic roof rack. This product is designed to provide a noiseless riding experience and minimize air resistance. The Dodge Challenger’s aerodynamic features are designed to enhance fuel efficiency, resulting in improved MPG.

The Wingbar Evo is equipped with a comprehensive selection of high-quality accessories that facilitate effortless installation.

The Wingbar Evo, similar to Thule’s AeroBlade Edge, is equipped with advanced WindDiffuser technology. The Wingbar Evo technology efficiently distributes the airflow, resulting in reduced drag and wind noise. This enhances the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

In addition, Thule developed yet another cutting-edge technology for the roof rack system. The TrailEdge design is utilized to minimize aerodynamic drag by effectively separating clean air from the bar.

The SmartSlides feature has proven to be a valuable asset. The slidable length scale functions as an aerodynamic cover situated beneath the crossbar. The Wingbar Evo benefits from a streamlined and expedient installation process.

The Thule roof rack additionally incorporates T-slots that are concealed by SwingBlade end caps. Upon opening the end cap, the T-slots are revealed, facilitating the installation of crossbar accessories.

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Best Dodge Challenger Roof Rack: Ultimate Guide

FAQs - Dodge Challenger Roof Rack

Q. Should I equip my Challenger with roof rails?

A roof rack is a must-have accessory for your Dodge Challenger. When you have a roof rack installed on your Challenger, you can carry anything you need. In addition, a roof rack allows you to carry items that would otherwise be too large to fit in the Dodge Challenger’s cabin. You can take odd goods with you everywhere you go when you have a roof rack. Bicycles, boats, and other potentially unpleasant items like soiled camping gear or hockey gear are examples. Some lucky drivers of Dodge Challengers even get them with pre-mounted roof racks from the manufacturer. While some are fortunate, others are not.

Q. Can a roof rack be simply attached to my Dodge Challenger?

A roof rack allows you to safely transport odd goods in your car. When on a trip as a family, it is helpful because you can put almost anything in it. You can find lots of SUVs and regular cars with roof racks in the area. However, if your car doesn’t come equipped with a roof rack, installing one is a simple task.

Q. Does my Dodge Challenger’s roof rack require crossbars?

Several crossbars are required for the Dodge Challenger roof rack. The car’s connections and weight are adequately supported by the bars. This becomes considerably more crucial at high speeds. You may safely transport your luggage with the aid of a set of crossbars. Several crossbars (more than two) will also be required to adequately secure the weight if you are transporting a particularly large bag or an odd storage cargo box.

Q. Do roof racks affect gas mileage negatively?

When not in use, roof racks and carriers should be removed from a Dodge Challenger, as advised by experts. Roof racks can cause significant fuel loss for drivers of two-door automobiles like the Dodge Challenger. Furthermore, SUV drivers whose vehicles still have pods and roof racks fitted can expect a significant reduction in fuel economy.

Q. When comparing roof racks and roof rails, what should one look for?

The terms “roof racks” and “roof rails” may refer to the same items. Both items, however, have significant distinctions. The orientation in which the mounts are attached to the car’s roof is the key distinction. Roof rails, for instance, go the entire length of the roof. Typically, they’re fastened in place by specialized mounts or feet. However, roof racks can also be attached to the sides of the automobile.

Dodge Challenger Roof Rack - Final Thoughts

A roof rack is a practical and versatile accessory that can significantly increase your Dodge Challenger’s cargo capacity. By choosing the right base, crossbar system, and accessories, you can make your vehicle even more useful and enjoyable. Whether you’re going on a road trip, embarking on an outdoor adventure, or just need extra space for your daily errands, a Dodge Challenger roof rack is the perfect addition to your vehicle.

Our recommendention: 

Best Overall – Yakima Jetstream Bar Aerodynamic Crossbars
Also Great – Thule Aeroblade Edge Rail Load Bar 

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