9 Best Honda Odyssey Rooftop Cargo Carriers Guide

The Honda Odyssey rooftop cargo carrier makes road trips with a big family or group easier and more relaxing. We think you’ll be quite pleased with the results of installing a roof box on your Hoda Odyssey, so we suggest you choose any one of the many options available.

Despite its large size, the Honda Odyssey can only comfortably seat eight people. This limits its usefulness for group trips. So, how are you going to get your things to where you need to go if you’re going to be traveling by road? What do you do with them? A car roof box is the best option for your requirements.

As a result, many individuals nowadays opt to equip their Honda Odyssey with a roof box for a variety of uses.

A cargo box serves as a convenient place to stow bags when traveling and provides protection from the elements. We’ll go through several fantastic choices for roof boxes, focusing on their most salient features and benefits. Read on if you’re interested in purchasing a single roof box now so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

In order to choose which product is best for you, it is important to search for the following five characteristics in the product descriptions.

Here are 9 honda odyssey roof cargo containers. If you’re short on time, but still want to get the best Honda Odyssey Rooftop Cargo box on Amazon, check out the links below.

Thule Motion XT

Our ratings


Car Top Cargo

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Thule 615 Pulse Rack

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Yakima Skybox Carbonite

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3D MAXpider

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Thule Hyper XL

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INNO Shadow

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Yakima Showcase

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SportRack Skyline

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2024 Best Honda Odyssey Rooftop Cargo Carrier Review

1. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

This stylish and unobtrusive cargo hold has been fine-tuned for maximum efficiency in both aerodynamics and storage capacity.

You can rest assured that your belongings will fit within the Thule Motion XT because of this feature.

Despite its more aerodynamic profile, the box’s inside is surprisingly roomy, making it a breeze to pack for even the longest of journeys. This will protect your equipment from getting broken while you’re traveling.

The 22-cubic-foot roof cargo box is a fantastic option for your Honda Odyssey, and there are several sizes to choose from. There’s a lot of room within this huge box, and the bigger vehicle has no trouble transporting it.

Because of the slidelock method, the lid of the box is always locked when it is closed, so no one ever drives off with the lid unlatched. The lid’s lid lifters provide extra stability, so you can open it without worrying about it dropping on your head when you’re loading or unloading.

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2. Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box

The stylish and low-profile cargo hold has been fine-tuned for optimal aerodynamics and storage capacity.

Because of this, the Thule Motion XT eliminates any concerns about whether or not your belongings will fit within the box.

Although it is flatter, which improves aerodynamics, the box is surprisingly roomy, making it simple to pack for extended journeys. Doing so reduces the risk of your equipment breaking down on the road.

A good size roof cargo box for a Honda Odyssey is 22 cubic feet, while there are larger and smaller options. This extra-extra-large package has a ton of room inside, and the bigger car has no trouble carrying it.

With the box’s slidelock technology, the lid is always locked when closed, so no one ever has to worry about driving off with it open. You may open the lid with no fear of it slipping off while loading or unloading because it is equipped with lid lifters.

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3. Thule 615 Pulse Rack

Thule 615 Pulse Rack is an Odyssey-specific rooftop cargo box. This elegant roof box can carry all your things. Aerodynamic box shapes are ergonomic. Low drag and noise enhance fuel economy.

The stylish minivan roof box is suitable for all types of users. ABS material makes the cargo box’s outside robust. Thule makes popular roof racks. The 615 Pulse Rack is packed with sophisticated features.

This container won’t wear out for a while. Sun, wind, snow, sleet, and rain won’t damage this container. It features measures to protect your things.

This box offers protection for valuables your items inside the box. The box’s central locking system is noteworthy. The owner can’t remove the key until all locking slots are secure. All drivers will benefit from central locking.

Smooth rotation is a bonus. Ergonomically constructed for solid, comfortable grip. Thule 615 Pulse Rack is an excellent purchase for cyclists.

This function helps seniors who have problems grabbing the key.

Freight container with passenger-side cutout The driver may reach inside the box contents from the passenger side. This helps when the motorist needs something immediately.

Thule 615 Pulse Rack fits Honda Odyssey.

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4. Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

The Yakima Skybox is an alternate choice for your Honda Odyssey. It’s a rooftop storage bin, ideal for long vehicle rides with the family. Your Honda Odyssey will look great with the addition of a Yakima Skybox. This allows you to make extra room for people’s belongings. Especially if you’re planning on bringing along a large group to maximize the pleasure.

If you need somewhere to store your belongings, the Skybox is an excellent choice. It doubles as a great ski and snowboard storage box. For big families, this is a box that will always come in handy.

The Skybox may be purchased in a variety of sizes, including those measuring 21, 18, 16, 15, and 12 cubic feet. The security aspects of the box also receive good marks. It’s a cargo container, so it’s easy to find the quick-release mounting systems.

Yakima’s ergonomic upgrades have improved Skybox’s adaptability. This ensures a snug fit on the crossbars of the vast majority of vehicles. The Skybox may be quickly and simply installed on the Honda Odyssey if an expedition is planned.

The SKS lock system is an integral part of the Skybox. The lid of the box may be locked in place with this convenient function, ensuring that it stays put throughout transport. The Skybox will be safe from robbery and accidental lid opening.

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5. 3D MAXpider 6063L-09

If you need a roof cargo box for your Honda Odyssey and want one that is simple to set up, this is a great choice.

With the universal tie-down system, you can be certain that this box can easily fit securely on your car every time, giving you more time and less hassle during the installation process and more peace of mind on the road.

The tie-down mechanism is simple to use and extremely reliable, so your box will remain securely in place during your travels without any hassle.

Even if you pack something that could leak during transit or if you just want to keep the box looking its best by hosing it down, the box is simple to clean. This 3D MAXpider roof box also features a convenient full-zip closure. Its sturdy, break-resistant teeth are made to keep your belongings safely within your box.

You can be certain that your box is securely closed at all times thanks to the convenient zipper closure and opening mechanism.

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6. Thule Hyper XL Rooftop Cargo Box

This Thule rooftop box is one of the quietest and most aerodynamic options available thanks to its unique nose, which boasts a design that minimizes air resistance.

This ensures that you won’t have to deal with annoying noises while driving, and it also won’t have an impact on your gas mileage.

This Thule box has a load capacity of 110 pounds, making it ideal for families that want to take a lot of stuff on their vacation but yet want to travel light.

You can rest assured that you will have complete access to your hatch without any obstructions thanks to the box’s rear-angled base and enlarged easy mounting system makes installing the Thule Motion XL a breeze.

There is no need for guesswork during installation because you will hear a distinct click when the box is properly mounted to your Odyssey.

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7. INNO Shadow Rooftop Cargo Box

Those who own a Honda Odyssey and take their family skiing would appreciate this roof-mounted ski carrier. The extra storage space may fit up to two surfboards, four snowboards, or eight skis.

The INNO Shadow Roof Cargo Box comes with 12 cubic feet of roof storage. This gives you enough space to lift and move goods.

This rooftop box can hold all your outdoor goods. INNO’s cargo box for the Honda Odyssey offers everything you need. This product’s ergonomics and safety features provide a unique user experience.

With INNO’s box, your stuff is safe and secure. It’s a box with security measures. This protects the content.

Dual side slots provide access to gear. This means you can simply load or unload items from any side. Double-sided slots are helpful for busy roadways or parking lots.

The box’s low profile improves efficiency. This makes the box beautiful and provides a pleasant travel experience.

Manufacturers made sure the luggage box wouldn’t impact the Honda Odyssey’s trunk. When put on a roof, it doesn’t hang too far back. The best roof cargo box doesn’t protrude from the roof’s front to block the driver’s vision.

The INNO Shadow Rooftop Cargo Box has extras. Universal memory eases mounting. One-hand opening improves the rooftop cargo box’s use.

The locking mechanism improves the box’s security, but its ease of use makes it a superb product.

The 42-pound package is light. The Honda Odyssey’s roof can carry this weight.

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8. Yakima Showcase Rooftop Cargo Box

Choose between 15 and 20 cubic feet of extra capacity when you pick for this fantastic Yakima roof box. In any case, you can be certain that your belongings will arrive safely and securely packed inside a high-quality box.

The metal clamps and the box’s soft molded surface combine to give you plenty of headroom above your Odyssey with this Yakima roof box. In contrast to other boxes, this one won’t cause any harm to the roof of your honda odyssey.

In addition, it includes forward-facing hardware and a tapered end that provides excellent hatch clearance, fantastic aerodynamics, and unobstructed visibility.

The opening mechanism and interior lid of this box are well-designed to allow users access from either side of the vehicle, and the lid is secured with sturdy stiffeners to prevent it from dropping and hurting the user.

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9. SportRack Skyline Box

Although it does need to be assembled, this lightweight box weighs only 30 pounds and is so simple to put together that most people won’t have any trouble with it.

This box may be secured to your roof rack with the provided straps or, for an extra layer of protection, with the optional U-bolts.

In spite of its larger profile compared to other roof boxes on the market, it is robust enough to withstand strong winds and rain without causing your vehicle to sway.

It performs an excellent job keeping everything dry, even in a downpour, so you can rest assured that your possessions will be in good shape when you get there.

You can pack your entire family’s vacation wardrobe, plus some, in an 18 cubic feet box. In order to gain access to your belongings, you just lift the lid, which is then quickly and easily locked back in place.

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2022 Best Honda Odyssey Rooftop Cargo Carrier Review

How to Choose Honda Odyssey Rooftop Cargo

There are a few things to consider when looking for a Honda Odyssey Rooftop Cargo carrier.

Size and Compatibility

Choosing the correct roof box requires careful consideration of dimensions. Selecting a roof box that is too large might result in spending more money than necessary, while a roof box that is too small could force you to ask the kids to wear all of their things for the weekend.

As a first step, make a list of everything you’ll need to bring. Holdalls, jackets, cycling helmets, and wellies for a family of four should fit easily in a bag with a capacity of 400 liters. A bike in a bike bag, several sleeping blankets, and a pop-up tent can fit inside a 570-580 liter backpack. A 350-liter one, on the other hand, will allow you to bring along sleeping bags and two or three travel bags while still leaving half the roof available for bike racks.

The roof box’s compatibility with your vehicle should be verified before purchasing. Stop in and a staff member will assist you in selecting the best roof box and mounting solution for your vehicle.


There are just a handful of considerations that matter when making a financial choice. To begin, how frequently do you plan on using it? Secondly, will you be careful with its storage? A roof box’s price is usually a good indicator of how well it will hold up under normal use. On the other hand, if you just plan to use it sometimes and give it some TLC, a cheaper version could be all you need.

A roof box’s cost is determined not just by its size, but also by its durability, longevity of guarantee, user-friendliness, and quality of construction. Premium roof boxes can cost as much as $1,000, while a cheaper one holding 400–470 liters can be purchased for $200–$400.


You should think about how safe the box is. So, it has to be able to lock or at least be secured in some way. The box should be big enough to store all of your belongings, but small enough so that it can be easily hidden away when not in use.

It is also important to make sure that the box is weatherproof. You do not want your belongings to get ruined if there is a storm or something like that.


Check to see if your items can be accessed easily from one side of the box. Choose a safe, accessible rooftop box. It’s preferable to go for a box that can be opened from either side. You do not want to have to go through a lot of trouble just to get to your things.

Honda Odyssey Rooftop Cargo Carrier - FAQs

Q. Can you attach a cargo carrier without a roof rack?

Soft-sided cargo carrier bags may be fastened without the need for a roof rack or crossbars. A roof rack system or factory-installed crossbars are required for hard-sided rooftop carriers.   Attachments for skis, kayaks, and bikes may be stored on roof crossbars. They are an adaptable enhancement for transport vehicles.

Q. How much does a roof cargo box affect fuel economy?

Both empty and loaded roof-mounted baggage carriers have a detrimental impact on petrol and EV economy. The aerodynamics of your car will be affected because of the dragging  of the bulky design exerts on your roof. Although certain roof boxes are made with a low profile to reduce wind resistance, this does not prevent a small loss in MPG. To get the most out of your rooftop freight carrier, you should empty it whenever possible. People who utilize their roof boxes frequently might think about upgrading to a larger car. For extended journeys, a hitch-mounted carrier may be preferable due to its lower impact on fuel economy.

Q. Are rooftop cargo carriers worth it?

Yes, Utilizing a roof-mounted storage container is a good idea. Hard rooftop cargo boxes are more expensive than rooftop cargo bags, but they are simpler to set up and more secure. They can withstand the elements and are easy to operate. They make it easy to bring along more items on a trip. The locking mechanisms they give add an extra layer of safety. When compared to carrying everything in your luggage, you can fit far more in a backpack.

Q. How Much Space Do I Need?

The carrying capacity of a Honda Odyssey cargo carrier may be defined in terms of cubic feet or pounds, much like the carrying capacity of any other rooftop carrier. However, you need not fret, for a wide range of carrier sizes is at your disposal. Items can be stored in some with a capacity of less than 10 cubic feet, while others have a capacity of more than 20 cubic feet. There is a wide range of right rooftop alternatives available to you at this point.

Honda Odyssey Rooftop Cargo Carrier: Final Thoughts

The roof cargo box for Honda Odyssey that you select from the options presented here is certain to be the best option available and to fulfill your every demand.

You can travel with peace of mind knowing that your stuff will be secure in your vehicle and that you will have enough room for everything by carefully considering which of the boxes on our list is the best option for you and your automobile.

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